Spring is here and summer vacation is just around the corner but we’re busier than ever at SchoolSpring. We’ve been growing with new school district members in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont. We have over 40,000 educator members, nearly 30,000 school jobs listed, and over 1 million visitors come to our website every year! But that doesn’t mean we’re not here for you. SchoolSpring is dedicated to the kind of customer service we’d expect if we needed help. We’re proud to be one of the few web-based services that happily advertise our toll-free number so that you can pick up the phone and call us anytime. As we grow, our mission will remain the same, to help great teachers and excellent schools come together while providing superior customer support. So pick up the phone and give us a call at 888-546-3487 or email me at jim@schoolspring.com if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Jim Fitzpatrick
President, SchoolSpring


Member Spotlight – Maine School District Leads State in Educational Recruiting Technology
SchoolSpring Podcast - Announcement: Big Interview Mistakes to Avoid.
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Candidates and Employers Speak Out at Job Fairs about SchoolSpring

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Over the last few months we’ve attended job fairs around New England talking with education candidates about our great service and showing employers how we make finding great teachers easy. Most recently, we exhibited at the Rhode Island Consortium of Educators (RICE) conference in South Kingston, RI and the Massachusetts Educators Recruiting Consortium (MERC) conference in Boston, MA. We met over a thousand students looking for teaching jobs and dozens of school districts from all over the nation seeking top candidates. While speaking with attendees about our service current members started dropping by our booth to rave about SchoolSpring.

Patricia Bean from Somerville, MA, a middle school science and special educations teacher, came by our booth excited to let us know how much she loved our service. “SchoolSpring is awesome!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never found another website that follows through like SchoolSpring. You’re incredible…thank you for what you do!” Julie Mehne, an elementary educator from Brookline, MA dropped by to say, “I love SchoolSpring! It’s really easy to use.”

Darrell Braggs, a history teacher from Springfield, MA, told us how he became a member. “I heard about you from my college career center. All the jobs I’ve found have been through SchoolSpring. Thank you!” Michelle Davidson, a high school English teacher from Keene, NH, also remarked about the number of jobs she’s found using our service. “I love SchoolSpring! I’ve found so many jobs through your website…it’s been fantastic!”

We also heard from SchoolSpring employer members about how much they appreciate our service. Susan Sullivan, Director of Administrative Services at Wachusett Regional School District explained, “SchoolSpring allows our recruiting to be paperless which is more convenient for principals and assistant principals than ever before.”

And if you’re new to SchoolSpring don’t worry about it being difficult to use. Julia Wismar, a 3rd grade teacher from Quincy, MA said when she first saw SchoolSpring “It seems too easy!”

With all this great feedback it’s a pleasure to hit the road and share SchoolSpring with candidates and employers. And best of all, it’s making finding a good job simpler for teachers and filling vacant positions easier for schools.

To everyone we met at job fairs in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island we want to say thank you for feedback and good luck with your job or candidate search!


Member Spotlight – Maine School District Leads State in Educational Recruiting Technology

What do you plan to do this summer?

Work Full-time

Work Part-time


Just Relaxing and Having Fun!



Dr. Henry R. Scipione, Superintendent of Schools for York School Department in York, Maine, had been carefully watching the expansion of SchoolSpring since its inception in 2001. Last year, however, Dr. Scipione knew it was finally time to bring the service to the attention of his colleagues to evaluate. It looked as though the service was really taking off in New England and he wanted to be one of the first in Maine to jump on board.

“I knew Jim Fitzpatrick, co-founder, president and CEO of SchoolSpring from when he was a high school principal in Vermont,” explained Dr. Scipione. “I occasionally saw Jim at conferences and he would fill me in on the growth of SchoolSpring. I watched the service evolve and in the spring of 2004 I decided that it was time for my district to seriously consider it for our recruiting needs.”

That year, Mr. Fitzpatrick traveled to York School Department conducting presentations for the review board so that they could better understand how the web-based recruiting tool worked. “We checked customer references, looked at alternatives, and weighed our options for almost a year before deciding to go with SchoolSpring,” said Dr. Scipione.

York Schools had been using a successful method of recruiting for years but they knew it could be better and more efficient. “Two areas needed improvement,” explained Dr. Scipione. “One issue was that the pool of applicants we were receiving for specialized jobs like special education and science wasn’t large enough.” SchoolSpring’s website receives over one million visitors a year and currently has almost 40,000 educator members looking for jobs. That means those hard-to-find teachers are now easier to locate and hire using SchoolSpring.

“Another area that needed improvement,” continued Dr. Scipione, “was the sharing of information like resumes and transcripts for members of interview teams. Passing around information from school to school was cumbersome and slow. But with SchoolSpring, applicants’ complete information is online and everyone involved with hiring can review it and comment easily.”

Dr. Scipione went on to say that SchoolSpring’s automatic notification system makes communication with applicants during the hiring process effortless. “SchoolSpring automatically informs applicants when we’ve received their information, that we’re reviewing it, and even if we’ve made a decision about the job they applied for. I think it’s an important professional courtesy to keep applicants informed of the progression of their submission and SchoolSpring makes it a snap.”

There are challenges to adopting new technology like SchoolSpring and Dr. Scipione thinks York Schools is up to the test. “The capacity of SchoolSpring is amazing, now we have to harness it. I think that with time, training, and a few key people embracing the system, we’ll see cost and time savings for the district. I can see our newspaper advertising expenses declining and we expect to be a paperless recruiter which will save everyone time and money.”

“I’m glad we were careful not to rush into an unproven technology,” concluded Dr. Scipione. “But now that SchoolSpring has established itself elsewhere, we’re excited to be on board as a leader for Maine schools.”

Susan’s Treats – Tips, Talk, and To Do’s!

Cool Summertime Opportunities for Educators

As the school year comes to a close, thousands of teachers who haven’t made plans for vacation will wonder “What should I do this summer?” If you need to earn some extra money, there are fun and rewarding summer jobs. Or, if you want to take it easy and enjoy your time off you can volunteer, work part-time, or just relax! Here’s a list of some great some things you can do with your time off this summer.

4-H, Here I come… Take a job at a summer camp as a counselor. You won’t be teaching the usual curriculum, which will be a great break for you. You might even be able to find a camp abroad making the job even more exciting. And, keeping in contact with kids will keep your teaching skills honed and maintain your motivation for the school year to come!

Vroooooom – Mobile Marketing Tours… Many marketing companies and advertising agencies execute mobile marketing tours in the summer. And, many of them can be educational in nature. Others are sampling tours – think Red Bull, Mountain Dew, or Coppertone. They pay hourly, give you a per diem to spend on food and shelter, and you may get a cross-country opportunity. Just think of the educational opportunity you can share with your classroom when it’s time for back-to-school!

Here kitty, kitty – Woof, woof… Check out your local Humane Society for ways to help animals in your area. They usually plan, organize, and execute summer activities, like dog walk-a-thons, and they would appreciate your help! Looking for more options to volunteer? Check out www.volunteermatch.org and search for organizations that need your help!

Old Stand-bys Made Better… Everybody knows you can make some extra money waiting tables. But, rather than taking any old food service job, look for a restaurant with an outdoor patio or deck, then it won’t even feel like a job! Check out resorts, country clubs, and other outdoor venues so you can enjoy the sunshine, have fun, and rake in the dough!

Check out SchoolSpring… We’ve got tutoring and other summer job opportunities available on our website. Just visit www.SchoolSpring.com, click on Advanced Search, and then search by Keyword: summer. You’ll find hundreds of positions right on SchoolSpring so check it out today!

Whether you work, volunteer, or just get some well-earned relaxation, enjoy your summer!

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