Going Paperless with SchoolSpring... Save Time, Money, and Trees!

In 2003, Chittenden South realized they had to streamline the hiring process and improve the quality of their candidate pool if they were to stay competitive with other schools.

Connie Metz, a director at Chittenden South's high school, Champlain Valley Union, admits that she was at first skeptical of the technological approach to hiring, but quickly became an advocate for SchoolSpring.

“Once I saw how efficient SchoolSpring made us, I lobbied my colleagues to jettison old practices and put the entire application process through SchoolSpring,” said Metz.

One of her colleagues, Jeff Tobrocke, the technology coordinator at CVU, agreed wholeheartedly, “We employ a very intensive interview process, with multiple phases. Previously this required the generation of reams of paper and extensive coordination efforts to bring people to the table to review candidate submissions. Now, with SchoolSpring, a lot of the preliminary screening can be done independently. SchoolSpring’s functionality not only minimizes costs and saves time, it improves accountability.”

Because SchoolSpring was designed by educators, as a solution it goes to the heart of the matter, with features that include:
• a large, well-defined candidate database
• comprehensive applications
• online application screening and interview scheduling
• activity tracking log for state reporting purposes
• a marketing function that allows districts and schools to create profiles about themselves and their communities

This education-centered functionality and the initial results they had with SchoolSpring, convinced Champlain Valley Union High School to use SchoolSpring to manage recruiting and hiring teachers and administrators. In the 2003/04 school year, they experienced the following benefits:
• placed 100% of its targeted hires using SchoolSpring
• decreased screening time to one day
• reduced advertising costs by 85%
• reduced paperwork by 75%
• cut administrative time by 50%

Val Gardner, principal at Champlain Valley summed it up, “a service that makes my staff more efficient, saves me money, and presents us with talented candidates, is okay with me. SchoolSpring helps us work smart. As an educator, I like that.”

Susan’s Treats – Tips, Talk, and To Do’s!

I just returned from a walking trip in the Canadian Rockies and one of my assignments for SchoolSpring (they never give me a break) while I was gone was to think about the most common question I hear from customers. Without a doubt, members most frequently ask me "How do I find my password if I forget it?" Well it's easy!

First, go to the SchoolSpring.com homepage and look to the top, right hand corner. Under the “Member Login” fields for Username and Password you will see “Trouble logging in? Click here.” Click on it and you will go to a “Login Help” webpage. Once there, enter your email address and click the “Request Login” button. The SchoolSpring system will immediately send your username and password to your registered email account. It’s easy as pie! Please share this tip with others in your school that use our service because in this age of so many passwords it’s easy to forget them.

Fall Special - Co-op Advertising...the Only Sensible Way to Advertise in the Newspaper

Does the cost of newspaper employment advertising drive you crazy? Schools can spend $15,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 a year to place a few employment ads in just one local newspaper! SchoolSpring's Co-op Advertising Service let's you advertise in top newspapers without the astronomical costs!

SchoolSpring's Co-op Advertising Service gives you the maximum reach to more newspaper readers at the minimum price. When you sign-up before December 31, 2004, your job postings will be included in 60 advertisements over 20 consecutive weeks starting in February for only $7,000! That's over $60,000 worth of exposure for less than $150 per ad! But hurry, this is limited time offer and the price for Co-op Advertising will go up on January 1st!

Because you are already a member of SchoolSpring's online recruiting, when you sign up for our Co-op Advertising Service your open positions are automatically placed in SchoolSpring's weekly newspaper advertisements. Additionally, we take care of all the administrative work of placing an ad. That means no more calling, typing, emailing, designing, rushing or deadlines to worry about which saves time and money! If you are interested in this offer, or have questions, please call Jim at 888-546-3487 or send him an email at jim@schoolspring.com.


Click below to watch one of our fun cartoons and Mr. Fitz will show how SchoolSpring can help even when your website is for the birds!


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