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Features Benefits
Candidate Search
A large, well-defined candidate database

Proactive recruitment of quality candidates
Online Screening & Management
Receive and review applications online. Coordinate interview schedules.

Reduces the costs and time that managing the hiring process on paper always entails. Also reduces need for meetings and phone calls.
Comprehensive Applications
Cover letter, résumé, official transcripts, test scores, certifications, and reference letters available at the time of application.

Screening can start immediately.
Custom Web Site
Automatically updates jobs on your district site

Candidates see only current information. Saves tech staff time. Example
Activity Log
Complete log of actions taken, including explanations, for each job in the system

Protects from hiring practice inquiries. Can be used for state reporting purposes.
District/School Profiles
Position your district/school for new candidates by providing information about personnel, salaries, community activity, and other useful data.

Promotes your district and school to candidates