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For schools that want to invest in effective online recruiting, SchoolSpring provides a set of flexible and powerful tools.

Research indicates that knowledgeable school leaders expect more than simply job postings, cover letters, and résumés from online recruiting services. SchoolSpring has tailored its services to meet those expectations, offering a rich and easy-to-use environment for managing their recruiting needs.

Why invest in SchoolSpring?

  • Provides unlimited job postings
  • Facilitates active recruitment of quality candidates
  • Offers multiple levels of secure access
  • Provides all credentials, comprehensive applications
  • Keeps employers informed
  • Manages applications
  • Automatically processes correspondence with candidates
  • Allows online team evaluations of candidates
  • Coordinates the scheduling of interviews
  • Archives all actions and information
  • Provides training for district employees

SchoolSpring Works for You.

SchoolSpring understands school finances and considers several factors in its pricing structure to offer a sound economic investment to its customers. Annual membership is calculated based on student enrollment, number of school units and users. Regional consortiums, state and national associations and search firms should contact SchoolSpring for special group rates.

SchoolSpring saves both time and money.
  • Cuts hiring time from months to weeks
  • Reduces advertising costs by as much as 50%*
  • Reduces paperwork by as much as 85%*
  • Cuts administrative time such as communicating with candidates in half*
  • Use of online collaboration eliminates the need for time-consuming meetings
  • Yields an average of 2/3rds reduction in applicant screening time
* Based on employer surveys and case studies
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