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Remarkable Results with Paperless Recruiting
A Case Study: Ludlow Public Schools, Massachusetts
District Information
Ludlow Public Schools
63 Chestnut Street
Ludlow, Massachusetts 01056
Phone: 413-583-8372
Fax: 413-583-5666
Web Site:
District Statistics
Enrollment: 3,077
Teachers: 243
Administrators: 16
Schools in District
Chapin Street School
Early Childhood Center
East Street School
Ludlow High School
Paul R. Baird Middle School
Veteran Park School
Superintendent: Dr. John J.Welch
Associate Superintendent: Dr.Theresa M. Kane
This case study is also available in PDF format (125kb).

The Challenge:
Mountains of paperwork that accompanied the district's recruitment process plagued Ludlow Public Schools. Receiving, copying, and distributing applications was cumbersome and expensive. Additionally, tracking and storing all the paperwork necessary to ensure accountability throughout the hiring process was laborious and difficult, requiring countless hours of personnel time and valuable office space. So when Dr. Theresa M. Kane, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Personnel, was shown SchoolSpring by her superintendent, she knew immediately that they'd found the solution to all their recruitment needs.
"I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw SchoolSpring! The efficiency of the system jumped out at me immediately."
Dr.Theresa M. Kane
Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Personnel, Ludlow Public Schools, MA
The Solution:
Dr. Kane remembers clearly when she first saw SchoolSpring. "I thought I had died and gone to heaven!" Dr. Kane says. "I understood in 10 seconds how this service would eliminate all of my recruitment problems by letting us go paperless. It removed the burdensome step of handling loads of paperwork but also made finding, evaluating, and hiring educators easier and far more efficient." In October 2004, Ludlow Public Schools became an early adopter of SchoolSpring in Western Massachusetts and has been thrilled with the results ever since. SchoolSpring's web-based service provides schools with the most costeffective and efficient process for advertising, recruiting, and selecting the best teachers, administrators, and support staff.

Paperless recruitment has benefits beyond the reduction of staff time required to open, sort, track, and file paper applications. It also provides a secure interface for authorized interview team members to view all applications over the Internet. Dr. Kane says, "The principals are raving about having everything online. They love the convenience of reviewing and evaluating applicants from school, home, or anywhere."

Not only does SchoolSpring provide the ideal paperless recruitment process, but Dr. Kane explains that Ludlow has seen an increase in applicants as well. "We've been amazed at the response to posting our jobs on SchoolSpring. We've received more applicants for some of the more difficult to fill positions than ever before." Additionally, Dr. Kane foresees that newspaper advertising costs will shrink as she no longer needs to place large ads to attract candidates. Also, Dr. Kane doesn't wait for teachers to find her. With SchoolSpring, she proactively searches the growing database of candidates when she posts a job and invites qualified educators to apply.

The Results:
Ludlow Public Schools has found SchoolSpring so successful that they've become a completely paperless district requiring all candidates to apply online through SchoolSpring. Just as Theresa Kane had envisioned when she first saw SchoolSpring, it has provided the efficiency, ease of use, and cost savings that the district was seeking. Best of all, funds previously spent on the hiring process can now be allocated directly to student learning. "SchoolSpring is an incredible service that has exceeded our expectations," Dr. Kane concludes. "Eventually I think every school district will use SchoolSpring; it's that good."