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SchoolSpring PLUS+SchoolSpring Plus is a ground-breaking service that allows you to apply online for any job, anywhere in the world when the employer has not allowed the possibility of applying online.

Once you have completed your online profile, SchoolSpring will transmit a professionally formatted digital copy of your profile and package it to any employers you specify, whether or not their jobs are listed on SchoolSpring! You provide the contact information for each employer - we'll generate an Adobe Acrobat PDF file with everything in your portfolio and send it via email.

SchoolSpring Plus profiles can be customized for each employer, allowing you to address specific hiring personnel, tailor every cover letter, and determine the exact information each employer receives.

The SchoolSpring Plus service costs $40 per year and includes unlimited profile submissions. SchoolSpring members can log in to order this service. If you are not yet a member of SchoolSpring, create a job seeker account, then submit your order.

If you have questions, email us. Payment can be made with a MasterCard or Visa credit card.


"I used SchoolSpring Plus to apply and the format caught the principal's eye, she complimented me on a very professional presentation of my resume."

- Cynthia G.
Williams, Arizona

"I applied using SchoolSpring Plus and it made my life so much easier ... getting that online application to them as soon as possible made all the difference. I had the job secured the week before my graduation from my masters program. I could not be happier!"

- Amy S.
Newmarket, New Hampshire

"Your service is the absolute best service of its kind. I continue to receive excellent responses from potential employers through my SchoolSpring Plus inquiries."

- Daniel W.

"Thank you for your service. The SchoolSpring PLUS+ service netted more calls from more employers than any other method I've used."

- Robert Brinkley
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"I am happy to say that I will be teaching 2nd grade this coming year and your services made it possible. Your SchoolSpring Plus layout was greeted by interviewers with words like 'professional' and 'impressive.' Your services allowed me to get interview opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise."

- Darrell Britton
Mesa, Arizona

Sample Profile
SchoolSpring Plus SampleHere's the latest SchoolSpring Plus application packet submitted by our very own Rosie McCormick. Every time Rosie sends a SchoolSpring Plus application, she has the option to customize her cover letter, decide which references to include, and whether or not to include her test scores, certifications, or transcipts. View it

NOTE: SchoolSpring Plus profiles require the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. 700+ million computers already have this installed, so you're probably one of them.

Helpful Hints
SchoolSpring Plus saves time and money. Everything is online and ready to send when you need it!