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Features Benefits
Centralized Job Search
Keeps track of entire job search, including all applications and interview appointments.

Keeps you consistently organized and saves time.
Comprehensive Applications
Holds your complete portfolio: cover letters, résumé, official transcripts, test scores, certifications, and reference letters.

Saves money---you don't have to photocopy or mail paper document.

You're always ready to respond to the next opportunity

Lets you tailor your cover letter to address the requirements of a specific opening.

More personalized approach distinguishes you from others.
Search Agent
Post your profile and a brief introduction anonymously so employers can invite you to apply for positions.

Enhances your job opportunities.
Email Alerts
Be the first to know about new openings

Early application submission and no opportunities missed.
Safe and Secure
The latest and strongest encryption, firewall technology, and security protocols.

Your information is always well protected.
No employers can access your information without your permission.

You control exactly who sees your information and when.
Technical Support
Knowledgeable and friendly people to answer your questions.

Fast answers to any questions.

Optional Services

SchoolSpring Plus is a ground-breaking service that allows you to apply online for any job, anywhere in the world when the employer has not allowed the possibility of applying online. Once you have completed your online profile, SchoolSpring will transmit a professionally formatted digital copy of your profile and package it to any employers you specify, whether or not their jobs are listed on SchoolSpring! Learn more...

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