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What if I forget my username or password?
On the Home Page, click the Trouble Logging in? link in the top right-hand corner where the login information appears. Enter your email address and your username and password will be sent to you immediately.

Who views the information in my account?
SchoolSpring protects your privacy and identity. Schools cannot rummage through candidate information without your permission.

You have complete control of your account. Schools can only view your profile if you apply for a job.

Employers can search for candidates, but they only see a candidate number, state of residence, years experience, degrees, certifications, and the Brief Introduction you provide in your Search Agent. Employers may invite you to apply for a position, and SchoolSpring notifies you by email. Then you choose to apply or not.

How do I find out about jobs?
If you choose, SchoolSpring notifies you daily or weekly with Email Alerts about available positions. It is also good practice to conduct your own job search occasionally, however.

How much does it cost to join SchoolSpring?
SchoolSpring is absolutely FREE for candidates! This includes searching for jobs, posting your complete portfolio, receiving email alerts and applying for jobs listed on

Can I apply for other jobs from SchoolSpring?
SchoolSpring offers a unique service, SchoolSpring Plus, that enables you to apply to any job anywhere. This brings you unlimited choices.

How can employers find me?
Employers can search SchoolSpring's candidate pool and receive basic information about you. They see your state of residence, years of experience, degree earned, certifications and an introductory paragraph. No other info may be viewed by them without your permission. Based on this initial information, you may receive an email from them inviting you to apply for their job. At that point, you may apply for the job or just ignore the email.

How current are your jobs?
Very. We do not allow job postings to stay on our site past 60 days without the employer specifically renewing them.

How do my reference letters get in the system?
Your letters can be placed in your account two ways:
  1. If you have a hard copy of the letter you may enter all the contact information and type in the letter yourself. Scanning the document only works if you use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and then proof-read and submit the translated text.
  2. When you type in the info on the Reference Page, make sure you click the box that says "Email letter request to reference." SchoolSpring then emails each reference and asks them to submit their letter online. Letters are saved to your account and ready to send to employers.
Can I customize my application for each job?
Yes. For each job application, you have the option to submit a saved cover letter or a custom cover letter. This allows you to distinguish yourself from other applicants. In addition, many online job postings ask applicants to answer specific questions, which also can help you gain extra attention.
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