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Recruiting and Hiring Effective Teachers: A Behavior-Based Approac
by Mary C. Clement
This "how-to" guide provides help in recruiting, hiring, and retaining high-quality teachers. The author outlines the hiring process step by step, from developing job advertisements through writing an offer of employment, and provides useful handouts of interview questions adaptable for all grade levels and subjects; assessment tools for initial paperwork, phone interviews, and onsite interviews; and information on illegal questions and topics to avoid during the interview process. This resource concludes with strategies for acclimating new teachers to the school and greater community and implementing new teacher induction programs.
List Price: $30

Get a Teaching Job NOW: A Step-by-Step Guide
by Mary C. Clement
There are jobs for teachers, and this step-by-step guide will help college students and career changers find those jobs and get them. Today's candidates need to use online search engines to find openings and then produce a cover letter, resume, and portfolio that showcase their training - all of which are covered in this book. Interviewing is much more than answering the request, "Tell me about yourself." Teacher candidates must master the art of the behavior-based interview to sell their experience and expertise to employers. This book provides questions - and answers - to interview questions for pre-school, elementary, middle, and secondary teacher candidates. Do not go to a job interview unprepared; read this book and attend the job fair or interview ready to win a teaching position.
List Price: $22.95

The Guide to Winning a Teaching Position in Any Job Market
by MacGregor Kniseley, Ed. D.
A practical, comprehensive, "how-to" job search book for experienced teachers, recent graduates, and current teacher education students.
List Price: $19.95

A First Year Teacher's Guide Book
by Bonnie Williamson, et al
A guidebook for new and veteran teachers alike, details a dynamic new classroom management system. It includes preparations for the first day, month and year; teaching rural, urban and multi-cultural students; dealing with stress, threats and violence; technology in the classroom and much more. Over 100 illustrations, 40 Teacher Tips and 250 Tiny Gems of Wisdom. Grades K-6
List Price: $17.95

JUMP STARTERS - Quick Classroom Activities that Develop Self-esteem, Creativity, and Cooperation
by Linda Nason McEltherne, M.A.
Brief, meaningful,,enjoyable activities perfect for the 15 -20 minute periods during the school day´┐Żadvisory, homeroom, or "between" times. Includes 260 activities into 52 themes. Grades 3-6
List Price: $21.95

Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom - Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Challenge and Motivate Struggling Students
by Susan Winebenner
Proven, practical teaching methods for meeting the needs of Special Education students, those labeled "slow" or "remedial" and all others who struggle to learn in the mixed ability classroom. All Ages
List Price: $29.95

Class Meetings
Improve communication skills in your room or school with class discussions. This book provides background information on meetings as well as topics, with questions, to get you started in your classroom. Over 50 discussion topics are included. Most topics are generic and open-ended so students are not concentrating on "right" answers. Very popular book. Grades K-12
List Price: $20.00

Teach to Reach
by Craig Mitchell with Pamela Espeland
Craig Mitchell, a teacher, shares hundreds of "tricks of the trade" practical, encouraging, creative suggestions to help all teachers sharpen their skills, enhance the learning environment, and make school more meaningful and enjoyable for everyone. A wonderful resource for teachers and administrators. Grades K-12
List Price: $9.95

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