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Job ID: 3464597 Application Deadline: Posted until Filled
Posted: March 10, 2021 Starting Date: July 1, 2021

Job Description
2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

Assistant Principal

Job Goal: The Assistant Principal is directly responsible to the Principal for any and all aspects of instructional leadership, administration, discipline and coordination.

The Assistant Principal serves in concert with the Principal in relating the philosophy and aims of the school and district to the instructional practice of the school to the end that the highest possible standards of student achievement, instructional excellence and school morals may be attained. The Assistant Principal could be responsible for the school during the absence of the Principal.

Although the work of the Assistant Principal consists of assisting the Principal in performing the many routine phases of administration predominantly within the House that they are assigned, they will also include other functions and responsibilities as may be required by the Principal.

The responsibilities and specific duties of the Assistant Principal are subject to such charges as may be deemed advisable by the Principal.

•Bilingual in English and Spanish required
•A master's degree from a college or university approved by the School Committee
•A minimum of five (5) years successful teaching and/or administrative experience
•Massachusetts Principal/Assistant Principal Certification covering grades PK-8

•Experience in teaching or related experience in public education at the elementary level preferred
•Experience teaching or related experience supporting elementary level individuals with Special Needs preferred

1.Assist the Principal in the organization, supervision, discipline and administration of the school and to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the Principal when directed.
2.Help supervise the instructional program and to make suggestions to the Principal for improving instruction.
3.Direct administrative work involving special supervisors, department heads and teachers.
4.Work with the Principal in the improvement of the instructional program and inherent supervisory duties.
5.Work in the area of curriculum organization and improvement.
6.Assist the Principal in preparing the master schedule.
7.Counsel and advise with teachers about professional problems.
8.Prepare evaluations for teacher promotion, release or transfer.
9.Hold meetings of department heads and to serve as pro-tem department chairman as required.
10.Enroll new students and to keep attendance, withdrawals and transfer records.
11.Issue to students permits for early dismissals, lunch-at-home and excuse from physical education classes.
12.Assist in assembly program development and related conferences with students, parents and teachers.
13.Cooperate actively in the promotion of the safety program of the school.
14.Accept general responsibility for the supervising and for the disciplining of students in the building and on the grounds.
15.Give special attention to students whose attendance and achievement records are unsatisfactory.
16.Help to promote and to supervise an effective program of extra curricula activities.
17.Work with counselors, visiting teachers, homebound teachers and the school nurses in problems with which they are concerned.
18.Transmit to the Principal, in an effective manner, the opinions and suggestions of pupils and teachers.
19.Prepare, at the direction of the Principal, any official reports which are required of him/her.
20.Perform routine office and clerical work as delegated by the Principal.
21.Process requisitions for supplies and equipment.
22.Keep inventories of textbooks and supplies.
23.Prepare administrative bulletins.
24.Prepare referrals for student personnel services (e.g., health, student adjustment services, suspensions).
25.Check pupil attendance.
26.Work with staff members in seeing that school property is not misused or damaged.
27.Assist the Principal in disseminating school information concerning school policies and practices to students, parents and teachers.
28.Represent the school in community functions in place of the Principal.
29.Hold parental conferences as required regarding such activities as: PTA, scholarship drives and public performances.
30.Perform other duties delegated by the Principal.

Position Reports to: The Principal of the Arthur D. Healey School

NOTE: Applications are only accepted online through School Spring. Resumes that are emailed or mailed will not be considered.

Should you need assistance with the online application process, please contact the Human Resources Office at 617-625-6600 ext 6015.

The Somerville Public Schools does not discriminate in its programs, facilities, or employment or educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, age, religion, disability, pregnancy, home status, marital/civil union status, sex/gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, citizenship status, place of birth, national origin, ancestry, cultural identity, genetics or military status, and does not tolerate any form of retaliation, or bias-based intimidation, threat or harassment that demeans individuals’ dignity or interferes with their ability to learn or work.

Position Type: Full-time
Positions Available: 1

Welcome to Arthur D Healey!

The Healey School is an innovative participatory learning community. Academic competence is highly valued, and we believe that children learn best in a joyful, creative environment, one in which their natural curiosity, imagination and thinking are encouraged. Our curriculum is based on thematic, project based learning, designed to engage children's interest and best efforts. We are committed to an educational program that recognizes the importance of community in the lives of children. Three aspects of our program are evidence of this commitment: Creative Arts: Participating in writing, dance, music, theater, film/video and visual art are vital and integral parts of our curriculum. The arts are essential to learning, a way for children to "represent" the world around them and celebrate who they are as individuals and as a community. Effective Community Service: Inspiring a life-long sense of civic participation, openness, caring and responsibility is an integral part of our school culture. Students apply academic skills and critical thinking as they develop, implement, and evaluate service learning projects at all grade levels. Family Involvement: Families who join our school community become committed partners in their children's education, both supportive of and supported by our dedicated staff. Parents and students are encouraged to be active participants in the governance of our school.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Somerville Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws.

Job Requirements
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required

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