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North Kingstown School Department
North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Job Details
Job ID: 3322386 Application Deadline: June 1, 2021
Posted: July 16, 2020 Starting Date: August 31, 2020

Job Description
Food Service Worker (School Nutrition Professional)

Position Type: Part-time
Positions Available: 20
Salary: $15 to $15 Per Hour

Equal Opportunity Employer
North Kingstown School Department is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws.

Job Requirements
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required

  • Application Instructions
    <b>ALL APPLICANTS MUST PROVIDE <u>THREE (3) LETTERS OF REFERENCE FOR ONLINE VIEWING.</u> ONLY COMPLETE ONLINE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. ANY APPLICATION NOT COMPLETE AS REQUIRED MAY BE DECLINED.</b> (No hard copies please.) If you are not presently a member of School Spring this is a two step process: (1) Create an account with School Spring at; (2) Apply to the application. PLEASE REVIEW ALL OF OUR APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS prior to submitting your application through School Spring. All required components of your School Spring account must be complete and pertinent position information MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE VIEWING. APPLICATIONS NOT COMPLETE AS REQUIRED MAY BE DECLINED. If you have questions, please go to: <a href="">Application Process</a> or contact our office at <a href="">Email Human Resources</a>. North Kingstown School Department actively seeks applications from the most capable, professional candidates. <b>ALL APPLICANTS MUST PROVIDE THREE LETTERS OF REFERENCE FOR ONLINE VIEWING.</b> Once your application as been reviewed and found to be complete, as per our application instructions, you will be asked to submit the following items in person to our Human Resources office: <ol> <li>W-4 <li>Federal BCI requiring fingerprinting. Please note: <b>THIS IS NOT THE $5.00 REPORT.</B> This background report is the <b> NATIONAL report</b> and must be less than one year old. It may be done through your local police department or State Attorney General's Office. A form letter is available online through – Human Resources. Please refer to note below. <li>I-9 (Must be filled out in person) Please bring <b> original proof</b> of citizenship with: <ul> <li> a valid passport or permanent resident card OR BOTH <li> a driver's license and social security card OR BOTH <li> a driver's license and birth certificate </ul> </ol> Note: Rhode Island General Laws, 16-2-18.1; 16-2-18.2, requires all substitutes and regular employees to obtain a STATE & NATIONAL Criminal Background Check. <b>IMPORTANT:</b> Please note during the school year our school district will experience a Thanksgiving recess, holiday recess, and a spring recess. Following each of these recesses, hired substitutes will continue to be contacted and offered substitute assignments as needed.

    Application Questions
    This employer has requested that all applicants answer the following questions. It is highly recommended that you type any essays in a word processing program, save them, and then paste them on the proceeding job application page.
    1. Are you currently a RI retiree receiving a pension from the State of RI?

    2. Are you currently on "lay-off" status and subject to recall?

    3. Have you ever worked for the N. K. School Department?

    4. IMPORTANT: I understand that during the school year the North Kingstown school district will experience a Thanksgiving recess, holiday recess, and a spring recess. I also understand as a hired substitute for the district, following each of these recesses I will continue to be contacted and offered substitute assignments as needed.

    5. Please check the days you are available to work.
    Multiple Choice / Multiple Answers
    - Monday
    - Tuesday
    - Wednesday
    - Thursday
    - Friday

    6. Please indicate all school buildings or departments in which you are willing to substitute.
    Multiple Choice / Multiple Answers
    - North Kingstown High School
    - Davisville Academy (Clinical Day Program) - Should have CPI training
    - Davisville Middle School
    - Wickford Middle School
    - Fishing Cove Elementary School
    - Forest Park Elementary School
    - Hamilton Elementary School
    - Stony Lane Elementary School
    - Suzanne M. Henseler Quidnessett Elementary School
    - Food Services
    - Plant and Grounds Department
    - Transportation Department
    - Other

    7. Please check all applicable skills, certificates or licenses that you hold that would be useful as a school nutrition professional:
    Multiple Choice / Multiple Answers
    - AESOP
    - Food Safety
    - CPI Training (Crisis Prevention Intervention Training)
    - CPR Training (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation)
    - First Aid
    - Other
    - None of the above

    8. I would like to substitute for the following food service positions:
    Multiple Choice / Multiple Answers
    - School Nutrition Professional (Cook)
    - School Nutrition Professional (Driver)
    - School Nutrition Professional (Food Service Worker)

    Contact Information
    Patricia Cawley, Food Service Manager
    120 Fairway Drive
    North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852
    Phone: 401-268-6514



    North Kingstown School Department Mission Statement


    Since education plays a vital role in the present and future success of all students, every school must provide for the maximum intellectual, social, aesthetic, moral, vocational, and physical development of each student towards challenging the student to achieve excellence.


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