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Job ID: 3200558 Application Deadline: Posted until Filled
Posted: November 21, 2019 Starting Date: Immediately

Job Description

TYPE: Unit A Collective Bargaining Agreement

SALARY: Per Unit A Collective Bargaining Agreement

REPORTS TO: Building Principal and Title I Director

DESCRIPTION: Responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing a comprehensive school-wide literacy program which facilitates learning; for modeling of best practices lessons which use literacy-based learning strategies; for coaching teachers in all curriculum areas on how to enhance students’ literacy skills; for identifying staff development needs of the school and for providing staff development related to literacy as part of the problem solving process; for administrating assessments/analyzing their results; and for working with school/community groups, such as the Leadership Team, District Literacy Committee and learning communities, to help all students reach their highest potential.


Instructional Program:

1. Create a literacy environment conducive to effective instruction

2. Facilitate instruction based on current reading/study/thinking research throughout the total instructional program

3. Demonstrate/model learning strategies in classrooms

4. Support and provide technical assistance, as needed, to teachers in implementing technology into their classroom instruction.

5. Conduct regular meetings with classroom teachers to examine student work and monitor progress in order to support teacher
reflection and action.

6. Assist classroom teachers with analysis of formal and informal assessment data on their students to determine student
response to instruction

7. Assist the school’s curriculum/administration personnel in planning for and implementing the literacy goals associated with the
Strategic Plan for Improvement

8. Work with the school’s Leadership Team, District Literacy Committee, and other constituent groups to determine the school’s
strengths and needs for improvement in the area of literacy in order to improve students’ reading, writing, and communication
skills and content area achievement.

9. Assist teachers with planning, sequencing, scaffolding, and differentiation of instruction

10. Participate in team reviews concerning academic progress of at-risk students who are not responding to interventions

11. Assist with the development of special instructional programs for students identified as below proficient in reading.

12. Assist with the development of extension activities for students identified as highly proficient in reading.

13. Devise and maintain such records and reports as are necessary to the successful execution of the position

14. To prioritize students in need of non-school time programs of literacy instruction, i.e., Title I or non-Title I

15. Work with feeder staff to assure articulation from elementary to middle and from middle to high school

16. Attend scheduled meetings and parent conferences

17. Assist the school’s curriculum personnel in providing services to special populations

18. Other literacy coaching duties as designated by the Principal and the Title I Director


1. Evaluate literacy needs and collaborate with teachers and administrators to interpret/use assessment data to improve
instruction and problem solve.

2. Assist the principal in serving as the school testing coordinator for statewide and districtwide assessments. Attend appropriate
DESE and district trainings relating to assessment.

3. Research and provide staff support in understanding the Department of Education’s school accountability framework and MCAS

4. Work closely with Administration, Special Education, and teachers to ensure that students’ testing accommodations are
effectively implemented in accordance with DESE’s requirements.

5. Use assessment data to assist administrators with placement of students in appropriate instructional or intervention programs.

6. Analyze and interpret data from various assessments and prepare meaningful presentations to share with faculty.

7. Lead faculty in the understanding/interpreting of assessment data and use a range of assessment tools as a means to make
sound decisions about student literacy needs as related to curriculum and instruction.

8. Provide, upon request, individual diagnostic testing

9. Other assessment related duties as designated by Principal and Title I Director

Professional Development:

1. Provide in-service training and follow-up coaching to assist classroom teachers in the use of reading/learning strategies in their

2. Work with teachers individually, in collaborative teams, and/or with departments, providing practical support on a full range of
reading, writing, and communication strategies

3. Observe and provide feedback to teachers on instruction related to literacy development and content area knowledge

4. Provide support and guidance to new teachers

5. Participate in district-level meetings and assist in the coordination of district level in-service offerings.

6. Continue professional growth and strengthen professional teaching knowledge, skills, and strategies through an ongoing
program of workshops, seminars, conferences, and/or advanced coursework

7. Maintain a collection of professional and instructional materials related to reading which reflect current research

8. Provide staff development for teachers, volunteers, parents, paraprofessionals, administrators, and other appropriate personnel
as needed.

Professional Responsibilities:

1. Encourage literacy and life-long learning

2. Maintain and promptly submit accurate, complete, and correct records and reports as required by law, grant regulations, district
policy, and by administrative directives

3. Facilitate or serve as a member on district/school literacy groups and committees

4. Establish rapport with faculty and staff

5. Work to promote productive relationships with and among school staff

6. Attend and participate in all required meetings

7. Uphold school rules, administrative regulations, and School Committee policies


1. Communicate effectively in written and oral form using positive interpersonal skills

2. Utilize effective data-based problem-solving skills

3. Demonstrate effective collaboration skills

4. Employ effective coaching skills

5. Coach teachers in effective instructional strategies in a variety of content areas

6. Use effective strategies for differentiating instruction

7. Exhibit knowledge of standards-based curriculum

8. Ability to disseminate knowledge of the ELA curriculum and frameworks

9. Knowledge of ELA assessments and their analysis for instruction

10. Integrate technology in classroom instruction

11. Participate in workshops, seminars, conferences and/or advanced coursework which further advance knowledge of current
trends in reading instruction


1. Department of Education certification in Reading (K-12) and/or English

2. Minimum of three years of successful K-12 classroom teaching experience.

3. Successful experience in facilitating adult learning and mentoring.


§ Physical Requirements: Must be physically able to operate a variety of equipment including computers, copiers, adding machines, etc. Must be able to exert up to 10 pounds of force occasionally, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to lift, carry, push, and pull or otherwise move objects, including the human body. Must be able to stand, crouch and bend over for a long period of time at intervals throughout the day.

§ Data Conception: Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable, functional, structural or composite characteristics (whether similar or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people or things.

§ Interpersonal Communication: Requires the ability to speak and/or signal people to convey or exchange information. Includes giving instructions, assignments or directions to subordinates or assistants.

§ Language Ability: Requires the ability to read a variety of correspondence, reports, forms, newsletters, schedules, manuals, invoices, requisitions, menus, recipes, journals, etc. Requires the ability to prepare correspondence, reports, forms, evaluations, procedures, charts, surveys, articles, bid specifications, brochures, news releases, handbooks, budgets, etc., using prescribed formats and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction, and style. Requires the ability to speak before groups of people with poise, voice control and confidence.

§ Intelligence: Requires the ability to apply principles of logical or scientific thinking to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions; to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagrammatic form; and to deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

§ Verbal Aptitude: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, to follow oral and written instructions. Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in a variety of technical or professional languages including medical, legal, accounting and marketing terminology.

§ Numerical Aptitude: Requires the ability to utilize mathematical formulas; to add and subtract; multiply and divide; utilize decimals and percentages; and to apply the principles of algebra and geometry.

§ Form/Spatial Aptitude: Requires the ability to inspect items for proper length, width and shape.

§ Motor Coordination: Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes rapidly and accurately in using office equipment.

§ Manual Dexterity: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items such as office equipment and hand tools. Must have minimal levels of eye/hand/foot coordination.

§ Interpersonal: Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under stress and when confronted with emergency situations.

§ Physical Communication: Requires the ability to talk and hear: (Talking: expressing or exchanging ideas by means of spoken words. Hearing: perceiving nature of sounds by ear.) Must be able to communicate via telephone.

Position Type: Full-time
Positions Available: 1

Equal Opportunity Employer
Chicopee Public Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws.

Job Requirements
Massachusetts Department of Education certification in Reading (k-12) and/or English
Minimum of three years of successful k-12 classroom teaching experience
Successful experience in facilitating adult learning and mentoring
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience preferred
  • Master degree preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required

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