Date Job Title School/Site
Jan 15 Educational Support Professional (ESP) Lynch Elementary School
Jan 12 Administrator of IT Services and Network Manager
Originally posted Nov 19, 2020
Winchester Public Schools
Jan 12 Building Substitutes (ISS)
Originally posted Oct 26, 2020
Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jan 12 Building Substitute (ISS)
Originally posted Nov 10, 2020
-- Various --
Jan 12 Substitute School Nurse (part time) Winchester Public Schools
Jan 12 Special Education Teacher (leave of absence) McCall Middle School
Jan 12 Social Worker/Adjustment Counselor - (LTS)
Originally posted Oct 22, 2020
McCall Middle School
Jan 11 Reading Tutor (Remote) Winchester Public Schools
Jan 11 Building Substitutes (ISS)
Originally posted Nov 9, 2020
-- Various --
Jan 6 Art Teacher - Long term substitute Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jan 5 Preschool Educational Support Professional (ESP) -- Various --
Jan 4 Chemistry Teacher (Leave of Absence) Winchester High School
Jan 4 Remote Reading Specialist District Wide (Long Term Substitute) Winchester Public Schools
Dec 7 Anticipated Reading Specialist (3) Winchester Public Schools
Dec 7 Anticipated Educational Support Professionals (ESP) (6) Winchester Public Schools
Dec 7 Anticipated Elementary Teachers (5) -- Various --
Dec 7 Education Support Professional- ESP McCall Middle School
Dec 7 Building Substitutes - (ISS) McCall Middle School
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