Date Job Title School/Site
Aug 5 District Float Nurse Positions (3) Winchester Public Schools
Aug 4 School Psychologist McCall Middle School
Aug 4 Transportation/Facility Usage Coordinator
Originally posted Jun 15, 2021
Winchester Public Schools
Aug 3 Music Teacher .2FTE Winchester Public Schools
Aug 1 Teacher - Physical Education .5FTE Winchester High School
Jul 29 Teacher - Grade 1 Lincoln Elementary School
Jul 28 Education Support Professional (ESP) Integrated PreK Winchester Preschool
Jul 27 Social Emotional Learning Coach/Adjustment Counselor .8FTE (leave of absence) Winchester Public Schools
Jul 23 Building Base Substitutes (ISS) McCall Middle School
Jul 23 Special Education Supervisor
Originally posted Jun 3, 2021
McCall Middle School
Jul 23 Information Management Specialist (Aspen) Winchester Public Schools
Jul 22 Educational Support Professional (ESP) (2) McCall Middle School
Jul 22 Building Substitutes (ISS) (3) Ambrose Elementary School
Jul 21 School Psychologist (Leave of Absence) McCall Middle School
Jul 20 Building Substitutes (ISS) (2) Lincoln Elementary School
Jul 20 Science Teacher - 1 year LOA McCall Middle School
Jul 20 Building Substitutes (ISS) (2) Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jul 20 Instructional Technology Specialist .5FTE Muraco Elementary School
Jul 19 Spanish Teacher .8FTE
Originally posted May 17, 2021
Winchester High School
Jul 19 Accounts Payable Specialist Winchester Public Schools
Jul 15 Food Service Worker Lynch Elementary School
Jul 15 Special Education Transition Teacher -- Various --
Jul 15 School Nurse .6FTE Winchester High School
Jul 14 Science Teacher (2) McCall Middle School
Jul 9 Building ESP Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jul 8 Special Education Teacher (Languaged Base-Gr 5) Leave of Absence Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jul 6 Food Service Staff (2) Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jun 30 Building Substitutes (ISS) Muraco Elementary School
Jun 30 ESP (Educational Support Professional) Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jun 23 Technology and Engineering Teacher McCall Middle School
Jun 23 Special Education Teacher .5FTE (1 year LOA)
Originally posted Mar 19, 2021
Vinson-Owen Elementary School
Jun 23 Elementary Literacy Coach .5FTE Winchester Public Schools
Jun 23 Elementary Literacy Coach Winchester Public Schools
Jun 16 French Teacher .6FTE (2021-2022)
Originally posted Apr 6, 2021
McCall Middle School
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