3385 Herrier St
Oakland, California 94602

Administrative Offices
Activate Instruction
Alliance College Ready Public Schools
AppleTree Early Learning Public Charter School
Breakthrough Schools
California Education Partners
Denver Public Schools
Dever Elementary School
Gooru Learning
Innovate Public Schools
KIPP Bay Area Schools
Level Playing Field Institute
Partnership for LA Schools
Rocketship Education
San Jose Unified School District
Syracuse City Schools
Tulsa Public Schools
Value Schools

Elementary Schools
Grimmway Academy
Rocky Mountain Prep
Sela Public Charter School

K-8 Schools
Cornerstone Preparatory School
Innovative Start-up Elementary Charter School
UCLA Lab School
Urban Montessori Charter School

Middle/High Schools
Ceiba Public Schools
DC International School
Summit Public Schools

High Schools
Fremont High School
Leadership Public Schools
Skyline High School
STRIVE Prep – SMART Academy School Leader
Unity High School

K-12 Schools
Alpha Public Schools
LEAP Academy University School
Lighthouse Community Charter School
Prospect Hill Academy

Not shown on map:
Hawaii Technology Academy
Industry Initiatives for Math and Science
KIPP Texas Public Schools: Austin
Mass Insight Education
Paterson Public Schools
Catalyst Academy Charter School
Citizens of the World Charter School Los Angeles
City Garden Montessori Charter School
Khan Lab School
Pacific Collegiate School
ARISE High Achool
La Cima Elementary Charter