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Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180
Map of Therapeutic Learning Center- North School
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Welcome to Therapeutic Learning Center- North School!
Student Profile:
The SEEM Collaborative Therapeutic Learning Center is a public therapeutic day school program servicing students ranging in age from 3 to 12 years who present with behavioral and/or academic challenges that in the Team's judgment warrant an out of district placement. Students enrolled in our program exhibit cognitive and or language deficits that significantly impact their ability to perform at grade level expectations. Our students present with diagnoses that range from moderate to severe including, but not limited to: Expressive and Receptive Language Delay, Developmental Delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Down Syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Our students require a highly structured, low stimulation environment with consistent routines, low student to staff ratio and specially designed behavioral and academic programs. Our team of highly motivated teachers and specialists use an array of research based intervention approaches, curriculum resources and assistive technology, combined with an in-depth understanding of each student’s unique needs, interests and skills to enhance motivation and learning.