74 State Rd
Suite 205
Kittery, Maine 03904
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Phone:  207-854-1030
Fax:  207-899-2643
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7th - 12th
Enrollment:  Not provided
Setting:  Not provided
District:  Connections for Kids

Welcome to Kittery Academy!
KITTERY ACADEMY is the first of its kind.
Most private programs build their school around a specific educational model. Either they're project based, online, portfolio based or even adventure based. Kittery Academy actively uses all of those options or educational modalities, however at our core, as a school and as a program, Kittery Academy is first and foremost clinically driven. We are a therapeutic program that recognizes that no learning can occur if a student is preoccupied with an existing emotional or clinical issue. Our licensed mental health counselors are dedicated to providing educationally integrated individual, group and family counseling services in order to support each and every student in being able to access and actualize their individual academic potential.