US Hwy 64 Old High School Road
Shiprock, New Mexico 87420

Phone:  505-598-1018
Fax:  505-598-1019
Web Site:  http://www.ccsdnm.education


K - 6th
Enrollment:  Not provided
Setting:  Rural
District:  Central Consolidated Schools
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Welcome to Central Consolidated School District - Elementary!
Central Consolidated is in the heart of the beautiful Four Corners region and is located in San Juan County. It lies in the northwest corner of New Mexico and shares its borders with Arizona to the west, Colorado to the north, and Utah in the northwest. Most of the District is anchored within the northeastern section of the Navajo Nation, which is the largest Native American Indian tribe both in land area and population.

Central Consolidated School District is serving approximately 6,500 students. Of those students, about 90% are Native American. In terms of area, the District covers approximately 3,000 square miles. It serves the communities of Kirtland, Ojo Amarillo, Newcomb, Naschitti, and Shiprock. There are nine elementary schools, three middle schools, three high schools, and one alternative high school.

Central Consolidated School District has over 1,500 employees dedicated to “Weaving Ancient Wisdom and Modern Knowledge!” The District has adopted a Continuous Improvement approach for school improvement and performance excellence. We are working diligently to improve school planning, training, performance, student interventions, and organizational assessment. This framework provides tools to establish classroom goals and measures, design classroom instruction, and use data to monitor progress to achieve higher student academic performance and success.