15111 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane Valley, Washington 99037

Phone:  509-228-4050
Fax:  509-228-4059
Web Site:  Not provided


9th - 12th
Enrollment:  380
Setting:  Not provided
District:  Central Valley School District

Welcome to Mica Peak High School!
Mica Peak High School strives to provide an environment of mutual respect where students can experience success, improve basic skills, and practice responsible behavior. We understand that many students who are unable to continue their education in a traditional school setting, still have the desire to obtain a high school diploma. The classes focus on discussions and related projects, which allows students to interact and determine the pace of their learning.

Mica Peak High School is an umbrella for three schools within a school:

Mica Peak Core Program: Formerly known as our full-day program, Mica Peak Core is a Monday through Thursday direct instruction diploma program. Following a trimester schedule, students have four classes at a time and can earn six credits or more throughout the year. Classes in our Core program are driven by the teacher, though a few online options are available. Students are on campus four days a week from 8am-2:30pm (except late start Thursday, where the start time is 8:30am).

ITRACC: As a blended learning program, ITRACC takes the flexibility and ownership of online learning and blends it with required on-campus teacher support. Freshmen are on campus four days a week (M-Th) from 8am-11:30am. Upper-classmen, depending on credit needs, are on campus an average of 6-10 hours a day. This program is catered to those who are self-driven and motivated, as the student is driving the car and the teacher is a passenger helping navigate.

School to Life: Our post-high school special needs transition program is rooted in helping students meet their transition goals. Within School to Life, there are three specific programs: MICA (Medical Interventions and Community Access), Balance, and Endeavors. Each program strives to help build independance and autonomy to our students in varying ways.

Teacher Salary & Benefits
Level Starting Maximum
Salary schedule not provided
Employer    Employee
Medical Not specified
Dental Not specified

Additional Benefits Information
Great Employee Benefits:
w Health, vision, and dental insurance
w Veba – sick leave conversion medical
reimbursement plan
w Staff protection insurance
We offer the following leave days per school year:
w 12 days of leave for illness, injury or emergency
for full-time employees
w Personal leave days based on applicable bargaining unit
w Vacation leave or cash pay out based on applicable bargaining unit
Additional Reimbursements:
w $350 reimbursement for supplies and tuition for certificated employees
w Mileage reimbursement for district-approved job related travel at the
mileage rate approved by the Board
Programs Just for You:
w Professional Development – We offer clock hours in many content areas
for certificated employees and salary enhancement for classified
w Employee Assistance Program – This FREE service offers confidential
counseling, referral, and financial and legal services for all family
members, as well as identity theft protection and emergency travel
w National Board Certification Grant – up to $850 per person to pursue or
renew certification