48 Marion Road
Wareham, Massachusetts 02571
Map of Wareham Public Schools
Phone:  508-291-3500 x3
Fax:  Not provided
Web Site:  http://www.warehamps.org


PreK - 12th
Enrollment:  2360
Setting:  Small City/Town
District:  Wareham Public Schools

Welcome to Wareham Public Schools!
Wareham is a great place offering all of the amenities of its neighbor Cape Cod but with a diverse and eclectic landscape that includes miles of coastline and rugged hideaways dotted with ponds and streams. Wareham is centrally located, with access from Route 6 and Interstates 195 and 495. The town also is close to the Lakeville MBTA commuter rail. Discussions continue about potentially extending rail service into Wareham. Offering a mix of recreational and business pursuits, Wareham is 36.7 square miles with about 22,000 residents.

Wareham Public Schools will provide challenging, engaging, innovative, globally minded educational experiences providing a competitive advantage for our students, our schools, and our community, creating a better world.


Scholarship: Success of transformative learning results transferred to college and career ready graduates becoming life-long learners.

1.Expand students’ capacity to learn by setting rigorous tasks, posing familiar and non-familiar problems, and encouraging perseverance and effort through conventional and innovative solutions.
2.Create student-centered classrooms that follow an experiential, interdisciplinary approach that provide multiple pathways to a shared learning goal and reflect academic integrity and practical application.
3.Expand curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills through the exploration of new ideas by requiring student to plan, design, execute, and evaluate solutions.
4.Expect students to communicate learning in multiple ways – orally, visually, in writing, and through movement in multiple media.

Leadership: WPS has established clear philosophies and prevailing norms, created by our leadership team. These are established by the vision and supported by the Strategic Plan.

1.Build flexibility, adaptability, and resilience by setting challenging tasks.
2.Help students learn from targeted feedback as a pathway to academic and personal growth.
3.Develop student skills for self-reflection, self-motivation, self-direction, self-advocacy, and personal responsibility.
4.Encourage students to model / demonstrate ethical behavior, integrity, and personal accountability.
5.Support students to set and pursue goals that lead to physical, emotional, and social wellness.

Citizenship: WPS will examine issues from different socio-economic and/or & cross-cultural

1.Require students to examine issues from different socio-economic and/or & cross-cultural perspectives.
2.Consider complex problems, both as an individual and as a member of a diverse group
3.Work and communicate effectively and respectfully with others, both within and beyond the classroom.
4.Engage with the world as a critical, principled participant.
5.Teach and explore what it means to act with integrity.

Stewardship: Resources will be distributed and responsibly aligned to support the WPS vision and Strategic Plan.

1.Secure the resources necessary to implement the strategic plan.
2.Establish school-family-community partnerships that strengthen and sustain public education.
3.Communicate setbacks, progress, and accomplishments through mass media, monthly newsletters, website postings.