2201 G. A. R. Hwy
Swansea, Massachusetts 02777
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PreK - 12th
Enrollment:  Not provided
Setting:  Not provided
District:  South Coast Educational Collaborative

Welcome to South Coast Educational Collaborative!
South Coast Educational Collaborative (SCEC) conducts education programs and services that complement and strengthen the school programs of member districts and increases educational opportunities for all children. Through collaborative efforts, cost efficiencies and program effectiveness are maximized.

Our Core values:
?All human beings are capable of learning throughout their lives.
?The ultimate goal at SCEC is for students to participate and contribute as fully as possible in the communities in which they live.
?The family context and family-school collaboration are essential factors in supporting a student's learning and development.
?The focus of all members of the SCEC community is on teaching and learning with continuous improvement of the conditions necessary for optimal teaching and learning to occur.
?Mutual respect and collaboration are expected and infused into all working partnerships.
?Staff productivity, especially team productivity, means exceeding expectation for student learning, increasing team efficiency, and enhancing individual team members' professional growth.