2261 James Turman Road
Giddings, Texas 78942
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Phone:  979-542-4545
Fax:  979-542-0352
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District:  Texas Juvenile Justice Department

Welcome to Giddings State School!
The Giddings State School is a facility of the Texas Youth Commission, the agency responsible for rehabilitation of delinquent youth committed to the agency's care by juvenile courts. The Giddings State School is located between Austin and Houston.

Giddings State School originally opened in September 1972 as the Giddings State Home and School for boys. At that time, the facility was designed to provide residential services for younger boys who were runaways or who had been adjudicated as delinquents for their involvement in minor offenses. In 1980, Giddings State School was designated as the maximum restriction facility of the Texas Youth Commission, and today, Giddings State School operates as a high-restriction facility.

Youth at Giddings State School participate in programs designed to promote personal accountability by removing justifications for delinquent behavior, and by providing skills that will enable these youth to make pro-social choices in the future.

A chaplain is available to provide religious services, and a nursing staff oversees medical services. Some youth have the opportunity to be employed on campus in jobs in food service, groundskeeping, maintenance, and in assisting staff in the administration and social services complex.