266 Tilden Rd
Scituate, Massachusetts 02066
Map of Wampatuck Elementary School
Phone:  (781) 545-8790
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Web Site:  http://www.scituate.k12.ma.us/schools-wampatuck-elementary.htm


K - 6th
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District:  Scituate Public Schools

Welcome to Wampatuck Elementary School!
Wampatuck School Mission Statement:

Our mission at Wampatuck School is to work collaboratively with parents and the community to provide a high quality comprehensive student centered, learning focused elementary school experience in a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment. We strive to develop life long learners who possess knowledge, problem solving skills, and the intra and interpersonal qualities of character necessary for all individuals to reach their true potential within today's global society.

Wampatuck Beliefs
β€œIn this school we believe that learning
is a life long adventure.
We believe in facing each day
with minds open to knowledge
and hearts open to love.
We believe in the freedom to wonder,
to ask, to explore, to imagine, and to create.
We believe that success means
doing our best, being our best,
and feeling proud of our efforts.
We believe that every one of us
Have special talents,
and that the talents of each of us
helps all of us.
We believe in ourselves,
in each other, and in

Wampatuck School Overview

Wampatuck School is an equal opportunity employer ensuring that its programs and facilities are accessible to the public. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, disability, national origin, race, or sexual orientation. During this 2010-2011 academic year, Wampatuck School is home to approximately 417 students in Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Wampatuck School is a school where students and staff excel and parents and community care. We believe in facing each day with minds open to knowledge and hearts open to love. We believe that success means doing our best and feeling proud of our efforts. We believe that every one of us has special talents and that the talents of each of us benefit all of us. We believe in ourselves and in each other and in Wampatuck School.”

The Wampatuck faculty is the critical instrument through which the school delivers its mission and philosophy. Wampatuck maintains a stable, highly seasoned staff who strive to teach effectively so all students can learn successfully. The school is arranged in teams by grade level, special subject and support staff that strives to promote excellence. All professionals work together to gather and analyze student data in order to develop responsive teaching strategies. Teachers share in collaboration, collegiality and reflective practice while preparing, implementing and evaluating curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Pedagogy is delivered at all grade levels, Kindergarten through Grade 6, using a balance of teacher directed, cooperative group and independent learning experiences. Technology is used to enhance learning in all subjects. In addition to classroom computers, the school has a Curriculum Laboratory with 32 computers. All computers have internet access. Language Arts is taught using a balanced literacy approach. Mathematics provides our students with basic and advanced problem solving and reasoning skills. Science, Social Studies and Health are interactive, inquiry-based and integrated and promote opportunities for application of critical thinking skills. All subjects are taught in heterogeneous classes with flexible grouping. Curriculum is aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. We Make Curriculum Advance Students with Motivation Creativity And Soul. When we Measure Capabilities of All Students against Measured Charts of Accountability and Standards. We also strive to engage in Meaningful Conversations that Accelerate Success.

In addition, weekly classes in Art, Music, and Physical Education are taught by specialists. Diagnostic and prescriptive teaching is available for students in need of specialized instruction or support services. Special Education, Speech and Language Therapy, Reading, Math, Occupational and Physical Therapy are provided using both in-class and pull-out delivery models of services, and support coupled with teaching and consultation.

Character Education is an integral part of the endeavors of the school. We use the Open Circle Social Competency Program augmented by a highly developed Conflict Resolution Program administered by the Guidance Counselor. Students are provided multiple opportunities to become contributors to their classrooms, their school, the community at large, and national and global endeavors.

Wampatuck School enjoys exceptionally strong home-school partnerships. Parents recognize that they play an important role in strengthening community and enhancing daily school life and student achievement through volunteering, organizing cultural enrichment and social events and helping the school through additional fund raising endeavors. Additionally, Wampatuck School has an informed and invested School Council that meets regularly. All meetings are open to the public.

Wampatuck School is a welcoming, joyful academic environment where students, staff and parents come together to grow. The needs of children collectively and individually are our top priority. We strive to make each child greater with each passing day.