152 Jenckes Hill Road
Lincoln, Rhode Island 02865
Map of Lincoln Middle School
Phone:  401-721-3400
Fax:  Not provided
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6th - 8th
Enrollment:  Not provided
Setting:  Suburban
District:  Lincoln School District

Welcome to Lincoln Middle School!
It is our belief that a middle level educational program, in which students are placed on academic teams, is better suited to meet the needs of this student population. Middle level students benefit most from programs which help them explore their talents and interests, as well as develop new skills and aptitudes in a non-competitive experience. While some competition may be healthy as a motivational force, the point of diminishing returns is quickly met when frustration and limitation are the results.

Learning is not isolated from everyday life. Our program provides opportunities for students to apply learning to real-life situations. Young adolescents inherently have a need to explore, to discover self, and to discover and develop talents and interests. We believe that our program provides opportunities for this to happen.