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Welcome to Cape Cod Regional Technical High School!
The major goal of Cape Cod Regional Technical High School is to provide the highest quality technical, academic and social education and training for each of our students that leads to successful employment in their chosen technical area or further technical and/or academic education. We expect each of our students to be successful and will do all that our staff and resources can provide to make that happen.

If you make the choice to come to Cape Cod Tech, you will be entering an exciting and challenging four year journey through demanding academic and technical experiences, establishing, what for many become, life-long friendships with your classmates and laying a solid foundation for your future in the world of work and higher education.

Cape Cod Tech has 17 technical programs. During the two week shop cycle, students are under the close supervision of competent technical instructors who stress safety as "job one" and learning by doing. The shop atmosphere replicates the real world environment which the successful graduate will experience on the job.

Students participate in a wide-variety of challenging academic courses that follow the StateCurriculum Frameworks in English, math, social studies, science, physical education, health and wellness, technology and business as well as Foreign Language - Spanish. The rigor of the English, math and science curricula prepares our students for success on the MCAS. Students in grades 9 and 10 have 180 consecutive days of English and math.

Tech Prep
Students receive college credit at Cape Cod Community College in approved courses. Tech Prep is a challenging two-year program of study linking the junior and senior years of high school with two years of postsecondary education. Tech Prep programs combine academic learning with the mastery of technical skills to produce "high performance" graduates with an Associates Degree.

Dual Enrollment
Qualified juniors and seniors can arrange to take college courses at Cape Cod Community College in place of attending high school courses. Both college and high school credit are received for all successfully completed courses.

Cape Cod Tech offers evening trade and enrichment programs for people in our surrounding towns. For information contact the adult education office at the school. During the day we offer adults training opportunities in all of our technical programs, based on the number of available seats. Adults attend during the school day with the high school students. All programs start in September each year. With more than thirty years' experience in serving adults, we think you will agree, that Cape Cod Tech has an excellent training record! Applicants are encouraged to submit paperwork as soon as they can, as all are placed on the waitlist using the date the application is received in the School Counseling Office.

We strongly encourage students to consider shop choices that are non-traditional for their gender, such as males in Health Technologies and Dental Assisting, or females in HVAC or Automotive Technology.

Safety is "Job 1" at Cape Cod Tech. We have 17 shops and many shops have and use potentially dangerous equipment and materials that must be handled in a safe and appropriate manner. State law requires appropriate and certified safety glasses be worn at all times by teachers, students and visitors in shops that are required to do so; such as the Construction Cluster and Transportation Cluster and some other shops as well. These shops also require shop uniforms and proper footwear, such as workboots. All students are trained in the OSHA 10 Hour Safety course prior to graduation.

CAFETERIA / COMMONS Complete kitchen and cafeteria facilities provide for a student lunch at a reasonable cost which meets state nutritional standards. Free lunch forms are available in the Guidance Office.

TRANSPORTATION / PARKING PERMITS School bus transportation to and from Cape Cod Tech is provided at no cost to the student. Students who wish to have their own vehicles at school must get parking permits from the Main Office. Parking privileges can be revoked for failure to abide by school rules and regulations.

SCHEDULING Daytime classes for high school students and adults meet from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. September through June each school year. High school students alternate between two weeks in academics and two weeks in their technical programs.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS It is the policy of Cape Cod Tech to require that students pass MCAS, Senior Project and all subjects for which they are scheduled each year. Typically, this will mean a total of six credits in academics and six in shop. However, there are instances when the rigor of the curriculum requires that a student take additional classes during the shop week. In this case, all these courses must also be passed for graduation. A student with two or more deficiences will not be promoted. Students must go to summer school or make arrangements for some form of acceptable makeup. Failure to do so will result in grade retention. Shop placement may be effected by this retention. Incoming students need one credit in English, math, science, and social studies for each previous year of high school.

EXPLORATORY PROGRAM All grade nine students participate in a required Exploratory Program that allows them to visit four programs, with at least two that are non-traditional for their gender, before being selected for their technical program.

PREPARATION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION Cape Cod Tech offers a full college preparatory program which provides students with an opportunity to fulfill entrance requirements at most two and four year colleges and universities. About 25 percent of our students continue their education after graduation.