31 Spofford Road
Boxford, Massachusetts 01921
Map of Spofford Pond School
Phone:  978-887-2856
Fax:  Not provided
Web Site:  http://www.boxfordschools.org/spofford.html


3rd - 6th
Enrollment:  Not provided
Setting:  Not provided
District:  Tri-Town School Union (Topsfield, Boxford & Middleton Elementary Schools PK-6)

Welcome to Spofford Pond School!
Vision Statement
The Boxford Elementary Schools, through the combined efforts of children, teachers, parents and citizens, is a
community of learners that promotes continuous intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth for all.
Children come to the Boxford Schools ready and eager to learn, open to trying new ideas, respectful of each
other, responsive to adults and prepared to work hard each and every day to meet new learning goals and
Teachers come to school enthusiastic about teaching, motivated to take risks with new instructional practices,
committed to continuous personal and professional growth, willing to work cooperatively with fellow teachers,
parents and citizens at large, convinced that children learn best in a nurturing environment, and prepared to make
positive contributions to the quality of life in our schools. Teachers strongly support an educational program that
fosters student’s skills while at the same time enhancing their creative expressions and critical thinking skills.
Parents, as full partners and participants in the culture of the school, encourage children to do their best, transmit
family values and expectations regarding the importance of learning and the need to work hard in school,
regularly share their hopes and aspirations with teachers, support the efforts of teachers, and work to expand the
resources and opportunities for learning available to all at the Harry Lee Cole School and the Spofford Pond
Citizens value our Elementary Schools as both places of learning for all ages in Boxford and as vehicles through
which they can become connected to exciting and important opportunities for learning in an ever-changing world.
Mission Statement
The mission of the Boxford Public Elementary Schools is to pursue educational excellence by creating and
sustaining a learning community that challenges its members to reach their full intellectual, social, creative,
emotional and physical potential.
Core Values
High Expectations for Academic Excellence: All students strive for a high level of academic achievement. Our
schools provide educational opportunities that challenge students to their individual potential while encouraging all
students to take academic risks and engage in critical thinking. All school staff members are dedicated to the
consistently high level of performance necessary to support our students’ academic achievement. The hard work
by students and staff necessary to achieve these goals is expected, recognized and celebrated.
Personal Integrity: Consistent honesty, respect and personal responsibility regarding all our words and actions
are fundamental principles. The common bonds within the school community are expressed through mutual
cooperation, empathy and support.
Clear and Consistent Curriculum Implementation: Equitable learning opportunities for all students are
provided through an academic curriculum which is clearly understood by all and consistently implemented to meet
grade-level benchmarks.
Welcoming Environment: All members of the community strive to make our school environment safe, nurturing
and welcoming so as to foster the achievement of our shared Mission and Core Values. The connections between
the schools and the Boxford community are valued and continuously renewed.