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Administrative Offices
HWRSD Central Business Office

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Buker Elementary School
Cutler Elementary School
Winthrop Elementary School

Middle Schools
Miles River Middle School

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Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

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Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District

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Welcome to Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District!
The HAMILTON-WENHAM REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT is located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the North Shore of Boston, MA. There are five schools which are located in the towns of Hamilton and Wenham, MA, with a total enrollment of 1954 students.

The Mission of the HWRSD is to educate our children to become young adults who are of good character and demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to be successful members of our global economy and engaged citizens of the 21st Century.

Vision Statement for the HWRSD for 2013-2018
Through the development of an integrated, data-responsive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development, the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District will be a world-class learning organization that graduates students who are well-prepared to meet the post-secondary challenges of the 21st Century economy and are engaged members of our global society.

Motto of the HWRSD:
Knowledge • Respect • Responsibility • Excellence

HWRSD Statement of Core Beliefs

-We believe in high standards for all students.
-We believe successful members of our global economy and engaged citizens of the 21st Century are effective communicators, collaborative, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers.
-We believe engaged citizens of the 21st Century demonstrate respect for themselves, other people and their cultures, and our environment.
-We believe in our shared responsibility to develop the whole child, including academic abilities and physical and emotional well-being.
-We believe students can demonstrate success in a variety of ways.
-We believe all students learn resilience and confidence through learning in an environment that provides a balance of support and challenge.
-We believe learning is a lifelong pursuit that neither begins nor ends with one’s formal education.
-We believe education is the key to continuing the democratic ideals of our Nation.

Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School - A Passion for Learning
The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School community strives to create a passion for learning in a reflective environment that promotes respect, individuality, and quality achievement.
By working to reach their greatest potential, Hamilton-Wenham students will L.E.A.R.N. to:
-Live as Lifelong Learners locate and utilize opportunities for learning beyond the school walls make informed decisions set and pursue goals prepare for future learning and/or career paths
-Express Themselves Effectively speak and write proficiently and effectively express ideas creatively using a variety of formats
-Acquire Essential Knowledge and Skills be critical and creative researchers, thinkers, and solution-makers access, comprehend, and evaluate information from a variety of sources and subjects analyze, interpret, and deliver information using a variety of media
-Respect Themselves and Others assume responsibility for making healthy choices demonstrate awareness and respect for others in a diverse world exhibit honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility
-Navigate within a Variety of Communities work with others to accomplish a common goal contribute actively to the commonwealth of the community develop an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of living in a democracy participate as active citizens

Miles River Middle School
The Miles River Middle School is a comprehensive middle school that serves grades six through eight with a rigorous academic program focused on the areas of Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Language. At Miles River, we work to meet the needs of all of our students through the professional culture of our faculty, by working in partnership with our families, and by incorporating principles of learning that are focused on developing ongoing and meaningful relationships with our students. Miles River Middle School supports and enhances a student-centered environment where each student can and will learn to be a productive citizen. We envision a school community where all members - students, staff, and families are continual learners.

The Buker Elementary School, Cutler Elementary School and Winthrop Elementary School
The three Elementary schools located in the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District services grades K-5. Each school supports and enhances a student-centered environment where each student can and will learn to be a productive citizen. We envision a school community where all members - students, staff, and parents are continual learners.

Equal Opportunity Employer
Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District does not discriminate in its programs, activities or employment practices based on race, color, national origin, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

Teacher Salary & Benefits
Level Starting Maximum
Salary schedule not provided
Employer    Employee
Medical 60% 40%
Dental 0% 100%

Additional Benefits Information
In order to attract and retain the talented workforce that we need to fulfill our mission at the HAMILTON-WENHAM REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT, we strive to provide an encouraging environment that allows all employees to perform at their best. This include a wide variety of factors such as an integrated, data-responsive system curriculum, collaboration, assessment and professional development as well as an overall Human Resources strategy. One component of the Human Resources strategy is our benefits package that is important to everyone.

Heatlh and Wellness ~ A choice of quality comprehensive plans are offered to meet the needs of our staff, such as medical plans, dental plans and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - medical and dependent care spending accounts.

Personal Protection ~ These benefits provide additional financial security to employees and their family members for events that impact their lives and physical well-being, such as Life insurance, AD&D insurance, Short-term disability insurance, Long-term disability insurance.

Financial Future ~ A 403(b) retirement plan that allows you to make contributions is provided, as well as a pension plan for tax-advantage wealth accumulation.

Work/Life Program Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) assists employees with personal and/or work situations.