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Canton, Massachusetts 02021

Phone:  781-821-5060
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Administrative Offices
Canton Public Schools
Canton Public Schools Administration

Rodman Early Childhood Education Center

Elementary Schools
Dean S. Luce Elementary School
John F. Kennedy Elementary School
Lt. Peter M. Hansen Elementary School

Middle Schools
Galvin Middle School

High Schools
Canton High School

Other Locations
Town of Canton

Welcome to Canton Public Schools!
Canton Public Schools is part of a welcoming community that has a deep, long-standing commitment to public education.

As a community, we believe in the promise of our children; we value the labor of our staff, and we respect the importance of our shared endeavor. We are educating students who will become the engaged, compassionate, and knowledgable leaders of our future.

The public schools are central to the life of Canton, and they therefore enjoy tremendous support from residents, non-profit organizations, town offices, and local businesses. We are able to thrive as a district because of the mutually supportive and respectful relationships built over many years among these groups.

We invite you to learn more about the Canton Public Schools. The best place to begin may be with our Strategic Framework 2018-2023, the guiding document that outlines the district's core values and long-term strategic priorities.


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