3033 Mcdonald Ave
Kingman, Arizona 86401
Map of Kingman Unified School District 20
Phone:  (928) 753-5678 ext 2012
Web Site:  Not provided

Administrative Offices
Kingman Unified School District 20

Food Services
Information Technology
Maintenance & Facilities
Student Transportation

Middle Schools
Kingman Middle School
White Cliffs Middle School

High Schools
Kingman High School
Lee Williams High School

K-12 Schools
Black Mountain Elementary
Cerbat Elementary
Desert Willow Elementary
Hualapai Elementary
Manzanita Elementary
Mt. Tipton

Special Education Centers
Little Explorers Learning Center

Alternative Schools
Positive Alternative Campus

Welcome to Kingman Unified School District 20!
Enjoy your 3 Day Weekends exploring the Southwest! Work a 4 day week and enjoy beautiful sunsets and gorgeous, desert landscapes in Kingman Arizona. Every weekend is a LONG weekend. It’s TRUE! We have an amazing “45-10” schedule that provides 2 weeks of vacation after every school quarter. We also have 7 weeks off during the summer. You work hard, you deserve to enjoy your time off too! Kingman Unified School District has no cost for Health Insurance premiums! It’s TRUE! You can get medical, dental, vision and life insurance for yourself with no out of pocket cost! The District also contributes $18 a month to a Health Savings Account for you. Combine those savings with our low cost of living and you will actually have pocket money to enjoy those long weekends and vacation! What more can you ask for? Phenomenal weather (75-degree average year-round temperature), a great schedule, and a great location to make your home. Don’t miss any more of our golden, orange and red Arizona sunsets. Apply today!