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Enrollment:  47000

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In the Omaha Public Schools, we prepare our students for life in a world where understanding and appreciation of diversity are essential.

The Omaha Public Schools is proud of its staff. Over 7,000 employees are involved in the daily operation of our schools. Our teachers, who come from all 50 states, attended more than 340 colleges and universities. They have an average of 11.7 years of experience and 43 percent have advanced degrees. Internationally known financier Warren Buffett, annually listed among the wealthiest Americans, has established a coveted award to honor teachers in the Omaha Public Schools. And many of our teachers have won Nebraska Teacher of the Year awards, Presidential Excellence awards and other national, regional and local citations.

We also work with gifted and talented students by providing a wide array of enrichment programs. Students have opportunities for advanced studies in virtually every subject area including all the core curriculum, music, art and physical education. Important examples of superior achievement are found in topics that range from geography to debate, from physics to photography.

A well-rounded athletic and physical education program has produced professional athletes and Olympic gold medalists, while instilling in all students the importance of "fitness for life." Diversity is abundant in the Omaha Public Schools, which enrolls about 46,000 students of various ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

In the Omaha Public Schools, excellence is our standard. Our goal is to provide all students with the high-quality instruction needed to prepare for life in tomorrow's high-tech world.

We are proud of our students, our staff, our special programs and our national ranking. Omaha Public Schools belongs to the North Central Association and is one of the country's few major urban school districts to maintain state AA accreditation.

Our test scores exceed the national average for large school districts. Our graduates receive more than $25 million in scholarship offers annually while over 61 percent go to college or other post-secondary schools.