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Auburn, Maine 04210
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Enrollment:  3600

Administrative Offices
Auburn School Department
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Elementary Schools
East Auburn Community School
Fairview Elementary School
Park Avenue Elementary School
Sherwood Heights Elementary School
Walton Elementary School
Washburn Elementary School

Middle Schools
Auburn Middle School

High Schools
Edward Little High School

Alternative Schools
Franklin/Merrill Hill Alternative School
Regional Educational Treatment Center

Adult Education Programs
Auburn Adult Education

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Welcome to Auburn School Department!
Auburn's Vision 2020
Empowering life-long learners to succeed in a world yet imagined!

Our students acquire fundamental knowledge and skills, and apply these creatively to solve every day problems at school, home, work, and in the community.
Our students:
Communicate effectively, collaborate successfully, think flexibly, and transfer their knowledge and abilities to new situations, technologies, and contexts.
Set goals with confident self-awareness and develop innovative solutions.
Grow to internalize the core values of compassion, courage, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility.
Understand and expand knowledge in a global society, in social, economic, and political settings, and appreciate diversity.
Realize that learning is an ongoing process with continuous gains being celebrated along the way.

Our educational program is integrated, flexible, and personalized to maximize every learner’s growth.
Our educational program:
Serves students socially, physically, cognitively, and emotionally.
Focuses on student interest, choice, personal goals and career exploration within the standards-based, interdisciplinary, and integrated curriculum.
Gives opportunity for students to learn both independently and collaboratively.
Ensures all students will explore and learn in a wide range and variety of venues, in public and private community-based organizations, the “great outdoors,” virtual space and classroom settings.
Is flexible which allows each student’s learning journey within an adjustable time frame and many possible routes.
Guarantees every student along the way, rich interdisciplinary experiences that stimulate reflection, dialogue and academic pride.

Our staff members are model learners, and collaborative educational leaders.
Our staff members:
Work with colleagues, other professionals and community members to research, identify, assess, develop and refine their craft.
Are knowledgeable, skilled, responsive professionals and who work with students to set learning goals, identifies customized, individualized learning experiences, coach, support, and assess progress and performance.
Create environments where it is safe to innovate and take risks, and where high expectations challenge and motivate.
Demonstrate that reflection, creative thinking, and innovation are valued.

Our community – staff, parents, families and community members – actively share the responsibility for educating our students.
Our community members:
Contribute to goal setting, partner with staff to ensure student success, and support learning activities.
Demonstrate mutual respect and collaboration among school board, school department, and various stakeholders.
Support the creation of state-of-the-art facilities and technologies with safe, flexible, appropriate, comfortable spaces.
Provide learning opportunities for students outside the school walls.
Partner in ensuring that all students are career and/or college ready.

Every Auburn student graduates with high aspirations, hope for the future, a passion for learning,
and the capacities to accomplish their dreams.

Together, we prepare these citizens of the 21st century to make unique and valuable contributions
and thrive on whatever world stages they choose.

The Auburn School Department is comprised of six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school serving 3600 students. Our school district vision states "Every Auburn student is expertly prepared to be successful in a world that is yet to be fully imagined. Our students acquire fundamental knowledge and skills, and apply these creatively to solve every day problems at school, home, work, and in the community." We are committed to hiring the most dedicated staff that embraces the belief that all students are able to learn at high standards. We are embarking on a journey to change the delivery of education from a credit-based system to a proficiency-based model, which ensures learning, rather than seat time. We believe our delivery of instruction needs to be based on best practices with the ability to customize learning to each individual learner. It is the expectation that technology be an integral tool in the classroom and the use of formative assessment to establish precision teaching. We are devoted to providing on-going professional development for professional growth believing that we are a community of learners. Consistently our staff and students are recognized for innovation and achievement.

Auburn is Maine`s 4th largest city with a population of 23,200. Geographically, Auburn is a mere 45 minute drive to pristine snow covered mountains or breathtaking coastal Maine. Excellent financial, medical and higher educational facilities are available in Auburn and Lewiston.