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Enrollment:  1155 ('15-'16)

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Welcome to Foster-Glocester Regional Schools!
Ponaganset Pride
Foster-Glocester Regional School District is comprised of two schools. We believe that highly effective teachers and staff with the ability and desire to work as part of a high-functioning team focused on improving learning and teaching and a supportive community are crucial to our students’ success.

District Mission / Vision
Mission: Foster-Glocester Regional School District students is a highly effective learning community that ensures each of our graduates is well-prepared for post-secondary education, careers, and citizenship within a knowledge-based society.

Vision: By 2015 each of our graduates will be able to demonstrate their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving, technology, and civic responsibility based on national and international standards. We educate the whole child and provide a comprehensive education that includes: English language arts, mathematics, social studies, the sciences, the fine and applied arts, technology, health, physical education, and world languages.

Ponaganset High School
Ponaganset High School was recently renovated and expanded. It sits on a beautiful campus of more than 120 acres that supports learning in and out of school and serves approximately 750 students. It is a member of the League of Innovative Schools. In March, 2010 Ponaganset High School was awarded full accreditation by NEASC for all standards. Our recently renovated high school includes a new library, a new field house, new science labs - including an alternative energy lab, and renovated art, music, and general classroom facilities. Our comprehensive high school has strong art, music, elective, and athletic programs. Our school schedule has built in common planning time and a personalization period for students. Our high school requires a digital portfolio and senior exhibition as part of our graduation by proficiency system.

Ponaganset Middle School
Ponaganset Middle School was recently constructed and opened the doors to students in September 2007. Ponaganset Middle School sits on more than 50 acres of a living campus that supports learning in and out of school and serves approximately 450 students. It is a member of the League of Innovative Schools. Our school believes passionately in the effectiveness of middle level practices. It has teaming in each grade, built in common planning time for teachers, advisory for students, and an enrichment period which is used to catch students up how need assistance and accelerate students who have mastered the desired knowledge and skills. We have just completed the revision of curricula and are actively working to upgrade and enhance our instructional technology.

District Core Commitments
Our district believes it is important for students, staff, parents, and the community to work together to ensure that we pass on knowledge, wisdom, values, and beliefs from one generation to another. To that end, we have established a series of broad priorities. These commitments are intended to guide the strategic direction, budgetary priorities, and decisions at the district, school, and classroom levels.
1. Core Commitment 1: Fiscal Responsibility - Our communities’fiscal resources are purposefully targeted to maintain and enhance a high-quality education and the core values of the school community.
2. Core Commitment 2: Proficient Students – All students demonstrate their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, mathematics, problem solving, critical thinking, and technology, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary for success in post-secondary education, careers, and citizenship within a knowledge-based society.
3. Core Commitment 3: Rigorous Curriculum – Our students are challenged by and engaged in a rigorus curriculum with academic, career, fine art, and co-curricular learning experiences.
4. Core Commitment 4: Highly effective Educators - Our students are instructed by highly effective educators who collaborate to continuously adjust and refine their instructional practices based on student needs.
5. Core Commitment 5: Use of Data – our educators and community use data and student assessment information purposefully to make informed decisions at the classroom, department, school, and district level.
6. Core Commitment 6: Personalized Learning Environments - Our students are educated in personalized learning environments that support each student’s academic, career, and personal growth and that maintains a small school culture in which each student is known well by an adult.
7. Core Commitment 7: Partnerships - Our teachers, staff, and administrators involve our parents and the community as partners in the development of students’ proficiency and effectively engage with parents in two-way communication regarding student learning.
If you are a highly effective educator who wants to serve as a collaborative member of a team in our high-performing schools, Foster-Glocester Regional School District hopes you will consider submitting an application for posted positions for which you are qualified.