23 Highland Avenue
Westerly, Rhode Island 02891

Phone:  401-315-1500
Web Site:  http://www.westerly.k12.ri.us
Enrollment:  2850 ('16-'17)

Administrative Offices
Town of Westerly
Westerly High School - Babcock Hall

Westerly Public Schools - Transportation Garage

Elementary Schools
Dunn's Corners Elementary School
Springbrook Elementary School
State Street Elementary School

Middle Schools
Westerly Middle School

High Schools
Westerly High School - Campus
Westerly High School - Ward

Other Locations
Tower Street School Community Center
Westerly Public Schools - District

Welcome to Westerly Public Schools!
The education provided through our local public schools seeks to enable all students to become lifelong learners and responsible, productive members of society. A successful educational process includes not only academic instruction but also student development of marketable job skills and positive behaviors and attitudes towards honesty, hard work, family, environment, modesty, civility, wellness, and country. To these ends, students are expected to observe and demonstrate responsible student conduct and attitudes while at school or at school related activities, whether or not on campus. This policy, along with other policies and regulations or rules, helps create and sustain a healthy, safe and effective learning environment for everyone; promotes a school atmosphere with a concentrated focus on formal educational studies, as well as educationally-related development of mutual respect, pride, self-esteem and cohesiveness; reinforces community values and positive regard for authority and discipline; minimizes distraction and assists students in readying themselves for employment by advancing their mature transition from the world of school to the world of work.

Teacher Salary & Benefits
Level Starting Maximum
Bachelors $48,000 $82,928
Bachelors +15 $49,202 $84,131
Masters $50,488 $85,417
CAGS $52,145 $87,074
Doctorate $53,599 $88,528
Employer    Employee
Medical Not specified
Dental Not specified

Additional Benefits Information
Benefits information can be found at http://human-resources.westerly.k12.ri.us