17-21 Gordon Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02905
Map of Nuestro Mundo Public Charter School
Phone:  401-210-1555
Web Site:  http://s://
Enrollment:  190 ('22-'23)

Nuestro Mundo Public Charter School

Welcome to Nuestro Mundo Public Charter School!
Nuestro Mundo is an independent charter school that opened its doors for the first time in the fall of 2021. We are seeking exceptional candidates committed to multilingual and multicultural learners and their success. The school features a two-way immersion program, with 50% of content being taught in Spanish and 50% being taught in English therefore candidates should be knowledgeable of the tenets of dual language education and environmental sustainability, specifically UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Candidates should also be passionate about environmental education and project based learning, as the curriculum emphasizes interactive, hands-on, project-based learning that nurtures students’ engagement and motivation for life-long learning.

The mission of Nuestro Mundo is to prepare students to be global citizens and stewards of our environment. Using a multilingual and multicultural lens, our students have the knowledge and skills to realize empathy and connect their learning to the community and with a larger global audience.