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  • Application Deadline: Posted until Filled
  • Re-posted : January 8, 2023
  • Starting Date: Immediately

Job Description

The Foster-Glocester Regional School District invites well qualified educational leader who wants to work as a collaborative member of a high functioning team to apply for the position of Director of Finance and Operations.

Foster-Glocester is a regional school district serving approximately 1,390 students in grades 6-12 from the towns of Foster and Glocester and more than a dozen communities that tuition students into our high quality Career and Technical Education Programs. Our learning community of educators, students, and parents is one of the best kept secrets in RI. Located in scenic Northwest Rhode Island about thirty minutes west of Providence in the northwest region of the state bordering Connecticut. The regional district comprised of two schools: Ponaganset Middle School (grades 6-8) and Ponaganset High School (grades 9-12).

Our students and teachers have the benefit of learning and teaching in an environment that is well resourced with instructional materials. Through sound fiscal management our school district has been able to reallocate resources to meet student and adult needs. We have added numerous courses designed to prepare our students for college and careers. Our schools have built in common planning time for teachers, student personalization groups, and supports for students who are struggling and students who excel. In order to enhance learning and teaching we implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) and grade book that can be accessed by parents. Our LMS, provides a virtual space for student and teacher collaboration and enables teachers and staff to produce digital assignments, to communicate with students and families, and to run analytics that provide information on student performance and the frequency and timeliness of their learning activities.

Our mission is to graduate students with the Passion, Purpose and Proficiency to Start Here and Go Big! All students and teachers in our schools are issued a Window 10 laptop (high school) or Chromebook (middle school). We are actively working to concurrently prepare our students for college and careers. To that end, we organized programs of studies into Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs that lead to college credit and/or industry certification. We currently have ten RIDE approved pathways: 1) Engineering (includes robotics), 2) BioMedical Sciences, 3) Plant and Animal Biosciences, 4) Computer Science and Informational Technology (includes gaming), 5) Music and Performing Arts, 6) Materials and Manufacturing, and 7) Visual Arts. 8) Health Careers and EMT, 9) Criminal Justice, and 10) Law and Public Policy. We invested more than $3,000,000 to support these pathways and our academic programs.

Ponaganset High School is staffed by a dedicated team committed to advancing learning and teaching in a collaborative, relevant, and personalized 1:1 blended learning environment. Located in scenic Northwest Rhode Island, Ponaganset High School sits on more than 140 acres of a living campus that supports learning in and out of school. Our recently renovated high school includes a new library media center, a new field house, new science labs, and renovated engineering, manufacturing, biomedical, art, music, and general classroom facilities. We recently installed a new track, tennis courts, bleachers, and other outside athletic facilities. Our comprehensive high school has strong academic, art, music, elective, and athletic programs and serves approximately 950 students in grades 9-12. Ponaganset High School is one of 22 nationally recognized XQ Super Schools.

Ponaganset Middle School serves approximately 440 students. Our school is staffed by a dedicated team committed to advancing learning and teaching in a collaborative, relevant, and personalized 1:1 blended learning environment. The school sits on more than 50 acres of a living campus that supports learning in and out of school. Ponaganset Middle School is a member of the League of Innovative Schools and fully embraces middle-level practices. The school was recently built and opened the doors to students in September 2007. Our middle school has team suites (a group of five classrooms organized around a central meeting room) to support and enhance our middle school teams. We have strong academic, art, music, elective, and athletic programs.

For information about our schools and community visit our website at

If you are interested in supporting the education of the whole child iwe welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn more about how you could enhance our team.

Hopefully you’ll be the next addition to our school community!

TITLE: Director of Finance and Operations

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Incumbent is responsible for providing essential coordination, facilitation, and advanced administrative support in order to enhance the effectiveness of the district’s financial, business, and human resource systems.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the supervision of the Superintendent with wide latitude to exercise independent judgment. Work is subject to periodic review. Job performance will be evaluated annually for adherence to professional standards of conduct and quality.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Is responsible for the direct supervision to the accountants, financial secretaries, and consultants hired for the purpose of enhancing the district’s financial, business, human resource, technology and information systems and other pertinent personnel.


Financial Resource Management
1. Develop budgets based on revenue projections and estimates of expenditures for school and district-wide budgets that maximize local/state/national aid to the district and ensures the district’s long-term fiscal health;
2. Develop a financial model to monitor the school district’s financial health using various methods of budget analysis and management;
3. Recognize and forecast the major sources of revenue available to the school district from local and national governments and other sources and analyze the impact of shifts in local and national funding and the effect on local spending plans;
4. Apply multiple techniques for identifying expenditures across cost centers and programs and forecast anticipated expenditures by program;
5. Use multiple approaches to determine reliable enrollment and personnel projections;
6. Implement a budget calendar to meet the time constraints of budget preparation and apply the legal requirements for budget adoption;
7. Apply economic and financial markets/theories to interpret relevant governmental funding model;
8. Prepare revenue projections and estimates of expenditures for school and district-wide budgets and analyze comparable data of other school districts;
9. Communicate the relationship between programs, revenues, and appropriations of the school district to the stakeholders;

Accounting and Financial Reporting
1. Establish and verify compliance with finance-related legal and contractual provisions;
2. Prepare, analyze, and report financial statements and supporting discussion documents to the board of education throughout the fiscal year;
3. Adhere to the accounting standards setting governing body and prepare financial statements in accordance with the most current standards as issued by such body;
4. Coordinate and oversee accounting and financial requirements including bank deposits, account reconciliations, purchasing requisitions;
5. Report the financial status of the district to the appropriate state/provincial agency in the appropriate regulatory format, which may be on a generally accepted accounting basis or on a customized/regulated basis of reporting;
6. Prepare a corrective action plan, if needed, from the information conveyed in the annual audit report to improve financial tracking and reporting and internal controls;

Human Resource Management
1. Administer employment agreements including interpreting contract language, considering the concepts of “past practice,” “just cause” provisions, and grievance procedures;
2. Coordinate the development and management of an appropriate personnel database to provide seamless integration with payroll and other school district functions; ensures compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, as well as internal school department policies;
3. Manage and continually evaluate the effectiveness of the school district’s payroll operations;
4. Coordinate the district’s health insurance benefits and serve on the healthcare collaborative’s governing board as necessary;
5. Assist in the development of policies and procedures for the management of school district personnel;
6. Promote the strategic planning, implementation, and administration of best practices in human resource management;
7. Provide district administrators with recommendation and support concerning employee relations, labor law, contract administration, personnel policies, and other related issues. Seeks legal counsel when necessary. As requested, research data for negotiations and management proposals;
8. Ensure the administration of collective bargaining agreements and other personnel policies complies with the intent of the stated language and that such language is implemented fairly and judiciously;
9. Provide timely information on all other important personnel policies, employee benefits, and contractual deadlines through e-mail, employee handbooks, new teacher orientations, Employee Navigator and other venues;
10. Assist administrators with the recruitment process; develops guidelines that promote quality hiring practices that include recruiting staff representing diverse backgrounds and experiences.
11. Keeps the Superintendents and principals informed on changes to state employment and labor law and works collaboratively to develop solutions that are effective and easily implemented;
12. Serve as a mediator in disputes between directors / principals and staff; investigates the substance of disputes; advises as to employee disciplinary matters and assists with the written documentation related to these decisions;
13. Support Title IX and Civil Rights Investigations and decision making as needed; and
14. Maintain knowledge and understanding of best practices in current human resource management.

Property Acquisition and Management
1. Develop and implement an integrated purchasing process that complies with all government regulations;
2. Adhere to a strict code of purchasing and procurement ethics and properly and effectively apply the rules, regulations, and statutes that govern school procurement;
3. Develop and implement a bid procurement system that complies with all government regulations;
4. Formulate competitive procurement solicitations that are fair and reasonable and that promote open competition;
5. Conduct all procurement without conflict of interest, impropriety, or any attempt to obtain personal gain;
6. Assist in development and implement a system to track supply inventories and distribution;
7. Assist in development and implementation of a program for the effective current and long-range acquisition, maintenance, and repair of equipment;

Facility Construction, Renovation & Maintenance
1. Assist in the development of a long-range facility plan that includes demographic data and serve as an integral member of the planning team;
2. Develop a working knowledge of funding sources and issues related to school construction, including bond ratings, the rating process, and bond election processes;
3. Involve appropriate existing district/agency personnel who have experience with local energy demands, materials choices, and contractor regulations to share their concerns during construction job progress meetings;
4. Determine resource allocation for maintenance and operations;
5. Be knowledgeable of sources of alternative revenue (other than debt or tax levies) such as grant revenue to meet facility needs;
6. Seek to form partnerships, when appropriate, with the private sector to enhance resources available to the district in regard to facilities and equipment;

Food Service
1. Establish procedures for the implementation and operation of the food service program;
2. Adhere to the legal requirements, including local and national government guidelines of the food service program;
3. Ensure the management systems for tracking meals and inventories are in place and identify participant status;
4. Ensure compliance with required nutritional value is in place;
5. Interface with nutrition and regulatory agencies relative to planning, conduct, and reporting of catering service programs within the school;
6. Ensure effective cash handling procedures and internal controls;

Organization and Administration
1. Identify techniques for motivating others, delegating authority, decision making, information processing, planning, and allocating resources;
2. Assign personnel and resources to accomplish specific goals and objectives and to utilize scheduling techniques for the coordination of tasks to maximize personnel and resource utilization;
3. Maintain a positive working relationship with all staff;
4. Display the highest ethical and professional behavior in working with students, parents, school personnel, and outside agencies;
5. Avoid conflict of interest, in employment, purchasing, and other decisions; serves as a role model for students and staff through a professional attitude, appropriate attire, and an effective work ethic;
6. Operate computers, software electronic and other equipment needed to carry out functions of the position;
7. Attend required meetings and serves, as appropriate, on staff committees;
8. Communicate verbally and in writing, regularly and effectively, the general information and/or technical specifications needed to perform the functions of the position;
9. Read, interpret and apply required professional, technical and government regulations;
10. Protect confidentiality of records and information about staff, and use discretion when sharing any such information within legal confines;
11. Perform the functions of the position in accordance with the RI Leadership Standards, the RI Professional Code of Conduct, and all laws, regulations, school committee policies, administrative directives and procedures; and
12. Any other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent.
13. Attends School Committee meetings, budget meetings, budget workshops and other meetings as requested by the Superintendent of Schools.

The intent of these posted duties is to provide a representative sample of the types of duties that the district is seeking for this position and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total duties of this position.
  • Position Type: Full-time
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Job Categories : Administrator > Director/Coordinator/Manager
    Administrator > Business/Finance
    Administrator > Human Resources
  • Equal Opportunity Employer

    Foster-Glocester Regional Schools is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.

    Job Requirements


      Education and Certifications:
      1. Bachelor’s degree with a major in accounting, economics, or finance or related field, or demonstrated equivalent experience;
      2. Certification as a School Business Official through the RI Department of Education;
      3. SFO or CPA certification or MBA highly desirable; and
      4. Coursework, leadership conference, or workshops beyond a Bachelor’s degree related to school business operations, budgeting, financial forecasting, human resources, and data systems.

      Knowledge and Skills:
      1. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the principles associated with school finance, budgeting, financial planning, fund accounting, auditing, financial reporting, cash management, investments, debt management, and technology for school business operations;
      2. General knowledge of recent technology and research related to finances and accounting as well as educational laws, Board of Regents’ Regulations relating to public schools;
      3. Knowledge of techniques involved in fostering the implementation of professional development;
      4. Knowledge and understanding of human resources and personnel management;
      5. Possesses a core set of values, beliefs, and ethical principles to support decision-making processes;
      6. Demonstrated leadership and management skills;
      7. Demonstrated ability to compile and maintain accurate and complete records and reports in a timely manner;
      8. Demonstrated ability to foster collegial relationships, work as a productive member of a team; and facilitate work groups;
      9. Demonstrated ability to communicate with school and district personnel and other stakeholders;
      10. Experience with federal grants, E-rate, E-RIDE, UCOA and state reporting requirements;
      11. Ability to perform duties in accordance with all District requirements and Board policies;
      12. Demonstrated ability to operate standard office equipment, including copier, computer terminal, work processor;
      13. Demonstrated ability to handle stressful situations;
      14. Demonstrated ability to effectively manage time and responsibilities; and
      15. Demonstrated ability to perform the responsibilities above as evidenced by course work, educational experience, involvement in professional activities, and the interview process.

      Three or more years of progressively responsible leadership, administrative, educational, and project management experience and/or support and familiarity with school finance

      Any alternatives to the above qualifications and experiences as the district may deem appropriate and acceptable

      TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Work hours, days and year, compensation and benefits as per contract and school committee policy.

      Interested persons should submit a letter of intent, resume, and other pertinent qualifications and information before the posted closing time and date.

      Qualifications will be determined by an examination of credentials submitted and/or by an interview process.

      The District reserves the right not to fill a position, to reject any/all applications for individual positions listed in the posting, and/or to re-post for the position if necessary.

      Candidates not previously employed by Foster-Glocester Regional Schools must have a current BCI check completed with no disqualifying remarks to be appointed to any position.

      An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
    • At least 3 years of relevant experience preferred
    • Bachelor degree preferred
    • Citizenship, residency or work visa required

    Application Questions

    This employer has requested that ALL applicants answer the following questions. It IS highly recommended that you type ANY essays IN a word processing program, save them, AND THEN paste them ON the proceeding job application page.

    • 1. Please list all certifications currently held in the State of Rhode Island
      Short Essay (Answer limited TO 600 characters, including spaces)

    Contact Information

    • Joan Topalian , Human Resources Manager
    • 91 Anan Wade Road
    • Glocester, Rhode Island 02857

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