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Ever since SchoolSpring was founded in early 2001, educators have been thanking the husband and wife team of Jim and Susan Fitzpatrick for making their lives easier. SchoolSpring, the premiere online recruiting service exclusively for educators, provides educators an innovative way to manage their careers and offers schools an easier and more cost-effective way to hire talented teachers and administrators.

As former teachers and school administrators, the Fitzpatricks had long fought the educational recruiting battle themselves. In the heady Internet days of the late 90s, they became intrigued with on-line recruiting companies like Monster and Yahoo! Hot Jobs. They realized that only a handful of small companies were addressing the specific needs of the education market.

Recognizing the recruiting service void, and hearing reports of projected teacher shortages, higher turnover rates among staff, and impending legislation that would increase the demand for qualified teachers, Jim and Susan began developing a new business model, a model designed exclusively for the education market.

Sharing their enthusiasm for the concept was Clark Baker, who at 23 already had a long list of accomplishments in corporate information management. Clark liked their idea so much, he agreed to be part of the venture. The three partners began the development process immediately and launched SchoolSpring in 2001.

The things that make SchoolSpring different from other services include:

  • Executive recruitment and management feature for school districts and professional associations
  • An executive search function for candidates
  • A deeper candidate pool
  • Complete document archiving
  • An interview management function
  • A co-op advertising program that greatly reduces school expenses

Today, SchoolSpring is making significant inroads nationwide. SchoolSpring's growth potential speaks to Jim and Susan Fitzpatrick's deep understanding of the unique needs of the education market, and their ability to deliver a comprehensive recruiting solution based on those requirements.