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The following South Dakota teaching jobs and other school jobs are collected from various education job sites. As such, the accuracy and availability of these job postings cannot be confirmed. To apply, follow the instructions on the posting or use SchoolSpring Plus.
Date Job Title Location
Oct 30 Certified Orthotist Sioux Falls, SD
Oct 28 5th Grade Teacher Batesland, SD
Oct 26 Science Teacher Flandreau, SD
Oct 24 Math Teacher Stephan, SD
Oct 23 Teacher, alternative school setting, Open unitl filled Mitchell, SD
Oct 23 Early Childhood Special Education Teacher (open until filled) Tyndall, SD
Oct 22 Kindergarten Teacher Bullhead, SD
Oct 22 CTE, Industrial Arts. Building Trades, or Technology Teacher Open until Filled Yankton, SD
Oct 21 High School Science Teacher Kyle, SD
Oct 21 High School Math Teacher Kyle, SD
Oct 21 First and Second Grade Teacher (Combination Classroom Bullhead, SD
Oct 20 K-2 Special Eduation Teacher Eagle Butte, SD
Oct 20 Regular Education Teacher in Special Education Setting Eagle Butte, SD
Oct 16 ASL Education Interpreter/Tutor or ASL Deaf Educator 2 days/week 2014-2015. 4 days/week 2015-2016 Irene, SD
Oct 15 High School math teacher for 2nd semester starting Jan 14, 2015 Winner, SD
Oct 14 Middle School Wrestling Assistant Ft. Pierre, SD
Oct 14 High School English Teacher Frederick, SD
Oct 13 Title I with 7th Grade English (.5 FTE to 1.0 FTE) Hoven, SD
Oct 10 Behavior Specialist Sioux Falls, SD
Oct 10 Math Teacher grades 7-12 open until filled Wakpala, SD
Oct 10 Guidance Counselor PE/health cert helpful Bonesteel, SD
Oct 10 Long-term sub for middle school math and high school Spanish begins approx Jan. 6, 2015 for 6 wks Bonesteel, SD
Oct 6 Long-Term Elementary Sub Art Teacher (Beginning January 5, 2015 until the end of the school year) Harrisburg, SD
Oct 6 Long term sub Elementary SPED (6-8 week position) Estelline, SD
Oct 1 Exceptional Ed Teacher Mission, SD
Oct 1 School Psychologist Mission, SD
Oct 1 Speech Pathologist Mission, SD
Oct 1 Elementary Teacher Mission, SD
Oct 1 Elementary Teacher Lower Brule, SD
Sep 29 Substitute Teachers (complete substitute packet located on website www.teaschools.k12.sd.us) Tea, SD
Sep 24 Kindergarten Teacher Batesland, SD
Sep 24 6th-8th Social Studies/Science Teacher Batesland, SD
Sep 11 Elementary Special Education Teacher (opened until filled) Dupree, SD
Sep 1 IT Technician Wanblee, SD
Sep 1 School Nurse Wanblee, SD
Sep 1 5th grade teacher - Open Unitl filled Wanblee, SD
Sep 1 SPED Coordinator Wanblee, SD
Aug 28 Ag with FFA, Open until filled Freeman, SD
Aug 28 Elementary Hutterite Colony Teaching, Open until filled Freeman, SD
Aug 25 K-12 School Counselor Java, SD
Aug 24 ELL Coordinator/Counselor Java, SD
Aug 12 Birth to Age 8 early childhood w/SPED and Pre-K teacher (open until filled) Faulkton, SD
Aug 3 K-12 Special Education Teacher Java, SD
Aug 1 Special Education Teacher Batesland, SD
Aug 1 K-8 Highly Qualifed Teachers Batesland, SD
Jul 1 Special Education Teacher (High School) *Sign-on Bonus Agency Village, SD
Jul 1 Alternative Learning Center Teacher Agency Village, SD
Jul 1 Art Teacher Agency Village, SD
May 9 Counselor Little Eagle, SD
Oct 18 k-8 Teachers Little Eagle, SD

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